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EMMA WOOD SENIOR LECTURER, MEDIA, COMMUNICATION AND PERFORMING ARTS The AlcoLOLs project has enabled thousands of young people to challenge Scotland’s drinking culture. It helps them realise that they don’t have to get drunk to fit in and develops the skills necessary for making confident choices. It matters to me because I care deeply about the impact that excessive drinking is having on Scotland (costing around £3.6 bn a year to manage). I hate the fact that the health service has to devote massive resources to dealing with drunkenness and that people end up in prison because they behave violently when they’re drunk. And, on a more positive note, it matters because I want young people to spend their youth developing as people, building their knowledge, friendships and self esteem and creating memories they’ll cherish. Seeing the difference our work can mean for young people inspires me – it’s great to be part of a process that develops (and values) their ability to make confident, positive choices. And teamwork is inspiring – I love working in such a focussed way with colleagues like Dr Magda Pieczka. ‘Seeing the difference our work can mean for young people inspires me.’ O E R A T I N G L B WOMEN RESEARCHERS INSPIRING RESEARCH CAREER JOURNEYS