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‘Food has always been in the background of my and my family’s interest.’ Dr ANA TOMINC LECTURER, BUSINESS, ENTERPRISE AND MANAGEMENT I’m Dr Ana Tominc, and I’m a Lecturer in Gastronomy at Queen Margaret University. In this role, I teach and research about food, culture and communication. Even though I decided to study social anthropology and on a postgraduate level, linguistics, food has always been in the background of my and my family’s interest. I had an excellent (female) doctoral supervisor, with whom I had a chance to discuss my “cooking” research but also, how it is to be a woman in academia. E R A T I N G O L B I am specifically interested in representation of food and cooking in television cooking shows and cookbooks today and in the past and ways in which these change. In particular, I look at the connection between identity, taste and social groups, such as class, which demonstrate how one group creates distinction as opposed to the other through what we eat. To me, this is fascinating, especially as it can help understand why changing food habits can be quite a difficult task! WOMEN RESEARCHERS INSPIRING RESEARCH CAREER JOURNEYS