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Dr CLAIRE SEAMAN ‘My inspiration has been sheer curiosity about the subject!’ READER, BUSINESS, ENTERPRISE AND MANAGEMENT I’m Dr Claire Seaman and I’m a Reader in Enterprise and Family Business. I’m interested in the way in which family businesses develop parallel strategies for the business, the family and the individual family members. This is particularly apparent in smaller businesses which are under-represented in research but economically important. The development of theory within the fields of entrepreneurship and strategy that accommodates these multiple rationalities of family and business is a key part of my current research, linking to the management, sharing and creation of knowledge in a family business context. O E R A T I N G L B WOMEN RESEARCHERS INSPIRING RESEARCH CAREER JOURNEYS My research also considers the manner in which families act as a platform for entrepreneurial individuals and families who develop lots of different businesses over the years. My inspiration has been sheer curiosity about the subject! My initial research was in agri-business, but farms are often run by families. Later work involved small business, but again one factor was the family. Families were the driving force behind business but overlooked in research where family were regarded as something to be ‘professionalised’ out of the business, despite family businesses forming the economic bedrock of Scotland.