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‘We make recognition decisions about faces every day.’ Dr JAMAL MANSOUR LECTURER, PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY My research concerns how people recognise faces and the cognitive and social factors that affect memory for faces. An incorrect decision can lead to a criminal remaining free to commit further crimes or an innocent person going to jail. Eyewitnesses play a key role in our criminal justice system; I strive to ensure the criminal justice system can obtain as accurate and reliable eyewitness evidence as possible. A third-year undergraduate class on memory inspired me. I felt my memory worked pretty well but was startled to learn how often we remember events and people incorrectly— and shocked to learn the consequences of some memory errors. For example, eyewitness identification errors are a primary cause of wrongful convictions. E R A T I N G O L B We make recognition decisions about faces every day — and of course we are sometimes successful, sometimes not. It is especially critical that eyewitnesses to crime make accurate recognition decisions. The police often ask eyewitnesses to look at a face or faces and indicate whether they see the perpetrator of the crime they witnessed. WOMEN RESEARCHERS INSPIRING RESEARCH CAREER JOURNEYS