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“Now editing the book, ‘Carnival, Culture, and Tourism’.” Dr VIOLET CUFFY LECTURER, BUSINESS, ENTERPRISE AND MANAGEMENT I am Dr Violet V Cuffy, Lecturer in Tourism Management. My research focus has been on tourism education and training from a destination perspective, with emphasis on lifelong education, collaboration, and co-creation of the curriculum. The main objective is to educate, engage, and entertain UK born ‘young’ descendants of the Commonwealth of Dominica (my homeland) on core aspects of the Dominican heritage and culture. Related research involves ethnographic studies and exploration of developing theories on culture and diaspora tourism among this second, third and fourth generation niche market. Waitukubuli Culture and Tourism Initiative Documentary: https://youtu.be/ru8DZhFKa1g Most of my siblings were teachers; so unsurprisingly my career began as a high school teacher. Thus, formal education and training in teaching and learning at an earlier stage of my professional life has shaped my philosophy and continued interest in the principles and practice of education and training. My background and personal involvement in the rich carnival and creole culture of the Caribbean married to my love for travel and tourism drives my research in the area of carnival, culture, and diaspora tourism. E R A T I N G O L B I am passionate about culture and diaspora tourism. Now editing the book, ‘Carnival, Culture, and Tourism’ which addresses displaced carnivals and how the diaspora utilises and merges space and identity. I am the founder of the ‘Waitukubuli Culture and Tourism Initiative’ launched in October 2014. WOMEN RESEARCHERS INSPIRING RESEARCH CAREER JOURNEYS