WNiF Magazine - Spring 2018 Edition - Page 55

Five questions with... Ed Zouroudis CEO, EVOLT IoH Ed Zouroudis has over 25 years experience the health and fitness industry and professional sports coaching and promoting. In early 2016, Ed co-founded EVOLT IoH (The Internet of Health), a technology-driven health and Wellness Company that is powering connected and digital health. EVOLT has developed an end-to-end solution that tracks detailed changes in the quality of activity, body composition, nutrition and overall health that can be shared in gamified social environments, as well as sophisticated data analytic insights for body composition changes. Tell me a little more about the purpose behind Evolt? Evolt’s purpose is to Empower people with the knowledge of their body composition, through the use of technology accessible to everyone. This was identified in the early days from Evolt as we did evolve from an athlete driven product where fighters were utilising the device for weight cutting for world title fights. My partner was facilitating several health clubs challenges at the same time and we realised there was a desire for moms and dads and general gym goers who were also keen to understand their body composition changes. What technology does Evolt 360 measuring system use and is it accurate? The Evolt uses BIA, a form of indirect body composition measurement. All forms of BIA incorporate scan methodology that involves the passing of a safe electrical current through the body at an alternating frequency to differentiate body fat, muscle and other soft tissue and as such, forms an indirect form of analysis. DEXA, air displacement plethysmography (BodPod), Skinfolds and BIA all comprise indirect forms of body composition analysis. The only forms of direct body composition analysis are total body water volume measured using an isotope dilution, total body counting using radioactive potassium 40, neutron activation, and post mortem cadaver analysis. Why do you think body composition and body scanners are becoming popular in the gym space? BIA technology is becoming more readily available and at a better price point. Gym owners and coaches crave this type of technology to monitor progress, assess the effectiveness of PT programs, and evaluate coaches. Lastly, previous technology in this space wasn’t as accurate. What are some of the key advantages the Evolt 360 Scanner provides a gym or fitness studio? The Evolt360 ecosystem is an end to end closed loop solution that not only provides increased opportunities for improving gyms revenue streams, but also unparalleled insights into how your members and trainers interact and engage. It gives a baseline measurement for the onboarding process allowing members to quantify and track their progress through time. Both our clients report and case studies show increased: • member retention • member engagement • member satisfaction • uptake in transformation challenges • accountability for employees • revenue streams through both direct and indirect sources. What does the Evolt Active App give a user access to? Evolt Active is a smart, progressive way for users track their body composition progress. Users can view immediate insights about their body and receive instant feedback on how their exercise and nutritional choices affects their goals. The app stores unlimited body scans in ‘easy to read’ progress graphs and charts and also has an intuitive calorie and macronutrient profile, based on the users body composition and individual goals. To speak with a team member at Evolt call 07 5659 1958 or email direct at [email protected]