WNiF Magazine - Winter 2019 Edition - Page 56

WHAT’S NEW IN TRAINING AIDS HYPERICE The Hypershpere Massage Ball • Travel Friendly- TSA approved as carry-on, light and compact • 1 year warranty included Compared to other SMR/ massage balls, the HYPERSPHERE helps to pinpoint and release trigger points faster, deeper, and less painfully using high-intensity vibration. The HYPERSPHERE is portable and only 5” in diameter, which helps to release tension in targeted areas better than any roller. Physiological Benefits Tech Specifications and Features • • • Loosens and releases trigger points or tender area as fast as 30 seconds Can be used to relieve plantar fasciitis, tight hips, tension in upper/ lower back, sore pec, or tight piriformis Significant reduction in pain associated with myofascial release. • Three Vibration frequency levels: 45, 68, 92 HZ • Rechargeable lithium batteries for over 2 hours of use The Hypershere and Hypershere Mini are now available in Australia . 5” in diameter, ideal size for trigger point release List Price: From AU$249.00 www.hyperice.com.au • WHAT’S NEW IN TRAINING AIDS THERAGUN WOD KAYEZEN VECTOR Theragun G3PRO Training Mask 3.0 The G3PRO is our most powerful solution for deep muscle work, accelerated warm up and recovery, and pain relief. The Training Mask 3.0® Performance Breathing Trainer is a cutting edge respiratory conditioning device that will take your workouts and fitness to a whole new level. First Ever Dial-In Resistance Cable System All it takes is 30 seconds per muscle group to improvie muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and performance. After an intense workout, the G3PRO works deep to relieve soreness and speed recovery. The G3PRO’s 60lbs of force helps release knots, cramps and spasms without strsss on your hands and wrists with the ergonomic multi-grip handle. No stalling. Industry Leading Warranty | Free Shipping | 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. List Price: AU$849.00 www.theragun.com.au Introducing the first of its kind dial-in resistance cable system – the KayeZen Vector – a portable, lightweight strength training system than can offer a uniquely wide range of resistance from 10 lbs. to 120 lbs. with a simple twist of a dial. Powered by the revolutionary NXT FORC3 air flow platform which was precision crafted to apply variable levels of load to the respiratory muscles via dial-able air flow adjustment. The secret is in the revolutionary design of the Vector capsule and the specialized resistance cables inside. Each Vector capsule holds 8 specialized resistance cables. Turn the dial to Level One and pick up resistance from 4 internal cables. Level Two on the dial grabs Performance breathing with the Training Mask 3.0® makes your respiratory muscles stronger and more efficient; this gives you access to unparalleled workout stamina, endurance, and recovery. 2 more additional cables for more resistance, and Level Three grabs all 8 internal resistance cables. Due to its quickly adjustable and impressive resistance range, the Vector provides a lightweight, portable alternative to cable-based machine exercises all while occupying ZERO floor space indoors or out. The KayeZen Vector is available exclusively from Power Systems. The Vector offers a dynamic and scalable training solution to deliver exercises with same functionality as a commercial grade cable machine for a fraction of the footprint and cost. More online here www.power-systems.com Defeat training fatigue and stay stronger longer with the Training Mask 3.0®. AUSFIT TORSION BARS GRIPBELL Next Level Fitness Routine intensify your next weightlifting, cross-training, yoga, physical therapy, or interval training session with GRIPBELL. GRIPBELL is a revolutionary fitness design that replaces all other handheld, weighted gym equipment. With various grip positions, GRIPBELL can be used for hundreds of movements to safely and effectively challenge your body. The GRIPBELL comes in five different colours/weights. Be the first to get yours! AUSFIT Torsion Bars - The Fitness Tool Your Gym Needs Gone are the days of the “Pump Bar.” Whether you own a gym, operate a Bootcamp or are a PT, the AUSFIT Torsion Bar will soon be your ‘go to’ piece of training gear. +1-844 474 7235 www.gripbell.com A single GRIPBELL can replace all of your dumbbells, kettlebells, and just about any other piece of weighted, handheld gym equipment. No more killing your superset by switching equipment and no more wasted gym space; simplify and 56 List Price: AU$119.95 www.thewodlife.com.au With no assembly or disassembly required — there’s no wasting time changing weights, a max length 90cm and an innovative polymer coating resistant to RUST, SALT, SUN and CRACKING. The AUSFIT Torsion Bar is perfect for both indoors and WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - WINTER 2019 out. www.ausfittorsionbars.com.au Offering 9 weight sizes starting at 4kg and increasing to 20kg the Torsion Bars versatility provides a tool for Strength Training, Stretching, Joint Mobility, Rehabilitation as well as a simulated weapon when training for Military employment. Our new racks systems keep everything under control and look great in any gym or studio. List Price: AU$46 - $139 02 9922 2559  WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - WINTER 2019 57