WNiF Magazine - Winter 2019 Edition | Page 34

This can be a strong part of your marketing campaign. 6-8 week commitment times seem to be the industry norm, and taking breaks between running the programs will help keep it unique and fresh, and give you the valuable time to make adjustments. When creating your proprietary program, make sure that it is different from your regular offerings. gives a member a free pass to the program. Word of mouth is the best way to spread interest and help confirm that this new program is worthy of participation. Get results and shine Make a concerted effort to show genuine care for the success of each and every person who participates. Your clients will appreciate the attention to detail, Reviews can be the most powerful way to sell your program. People want the assurance that it can deliver on the experience you are selling. Now, more than ever, testimonials are considered to be the gold standard in marketing a successful program. Include pictures, video, and compelling stories. A score system works well, and using the five star method is most recognisable. Create your own unique T-shirts, or use a branded piece of equipment in your program. Try implementing fun marketing teasers that will improve awareness, like a fit challenge that With so many clubs vying for clientele, this is an opportunity to shine. Be honest and sincere in the delivery of your information and selling your program. If your clients reap the rewards of a well-planned program, they will be promotion machines and the most loyal fans. added value, increased motivation, and leadership enthusiasm. It’s your responsibility to make them feel special, valued, and part of your fitness family. Good Luck! Aileen Sheron is president of Good Natured Products Inc. and the inventor of the patented OmniBall. She has been an innovator and fitness entrepreneur since 1979 and has trained thousands of instructors. She has been a top IDEA presenter for 27 years and specialises in equipment-based resistance programming, choreography, myofascial release and more. Sheron writes for various fitness publications and has starred in several notable exercise video productions. Her Weight Watchers Low Impact Aerobics Workout was rated No. 1 by Consumer Reports. She consults on product and program development for some of the biggest names in fitness and posts weekly on social media. You can find out more at www.aileensheron.com. THE MOST AFFORDABLE INSURANCE IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY. MORE INFO INSURANCE 34 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - WINTER 2019 THE FUTURE By Cuoco Black OF GYM DESIGN I f you approach the development of a new gym or the retrofitting of an existing gym with an “obsolete design-think” you might save a few hours (and a few dollars) but you’re doing yourself no favour. in time, energies, capital and outcome; however, that’s precisely a first principal problem which must overcome in hyper-competitive fitness marketplaces. Contrarily—if you embrace the killer instinct to create something entirely unseen in the fitness industry— your design effort must take an innovative and exploratory new trajectory, a 10X strategy. To their peril, gym owners in perpetuity, con- tinue to disregard this reality build- ing gym brands that blur, one-into- the-other.... Obsolete design-think is the fitness- industry-go-to-narrative which consistently results in one of two outcomes (always the same two outcomes). A gym that looks like another gym. Or a gym that looks like another boutique hotel, restaurant or condominium. That’s fine (arguably) if that’s the limit which you’re willing to invest forward To their peril, gym owners in perpetuity, continue to disregard this reality building gym brands that blur, one-into-the-other, glutting fitness marketplaces with fitness environments that consumers have come to see as commonplace and predictable. WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - WINTER 2019 Ahhh, but wait, our design agency is giving us something different. No, your design agency’s something different is what Guy Kawasaki, former Tech Evangelist for Steve Jobs at Apple calls better-sameness. If your gym (more or less) look like a gym or a boutique hotel that IS gym- better-sameness. Following is the brand strategy that is Apple. Study and adopt in depth Apple’s marketing and design philosophies — not strategies —philosophies, prior to moving forward with the creation of your new gym brands. Apple Philosophies Nothing undermines a unique branding platform than having none and it’s the unique branding platform that forms the nexus of which the entirety of your marketing efforts orbit. Your advertising campaigns, print, social media, in-house sales and offerings must all unite in a common theme that not only illustrates the pedigree of your fitness offerings — but additionally differentiates your brand 35