WNiF Magazine - Winter 2019 Edition | Page 26

By Craig Mac R EVOLUTION. There are few professionals in the Australian fitness industry with more years of experience than Chief Brabon. the naysayers, when the entire industry was shifting towards Gentle Exercise programs such as yoga and Pilates, Chief and Em drew up to 80 Recruits each session, paying good money to be put through high intensity, strength and conditioning based sessions, where the primary motivation was instilled through discipline and team work. Having completed his Athletics coaching certification in the late 80’s (at the age of 15), establishing Australia’s first bootcamp fitness program in the very early 90’s (as a teenager serving in the Australian Army), and managing multiple health clubs, whilst also becoming the first Strength & Conditioning specific Coach for a professional NBA team by the age of 21, you might be forgiven for thinking that had already achieved his professional fitness goals. In 2000 though, Chief teamed up with a tough young female group fitness instructor to found what would quickly become the largest out-door group personal training program in the Southern Hemisphere – Fitness First Bootcamp. That young instructor was Emilie Hames, who not only went on to become Australia’s first female bootcamp fitness instructor, but also co-founded the country’s most successful bootcamp fitness brand ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ (OBC), and eventually married her co-founder and business partner, Chief. REVOLUTION TO EVOLUTION Over the next decade and a half, the Brabon’s built their reputation on innovation, extraordinary results, and an unwillingness to compromise their personal and professional standards. Early in their partnership, the New York Times described the duo as “Revolutionaries” siting that, despite 26 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - WINTER 2019 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - WINTER 2019 Many industry insiders see Chief and Em’s world-renowned OBC program as the precursor to other highly successful programs such as F45 & Orange Theory (HIIT based team training), ZUU and Rulk’s Raw Functional Training (think animal inspired movement patterns and body weight exercises), and even CrossFit (high intensity, metabolic conditioning sessions, utilising unusual implements such as ropes, sandbags, kettlebells etc). The cutting edge physiological, and psychological benefits of Chief and Em’s training methodology were even recognised by the military, and first response units, seeing the pair invited to work with trainers and operators from some of the world’s most elite Special Forces, Special Operations, and Elite Law Enforcement units including the British SAS, SBS, and über-elite SRR (Special Recognisance Regiment), the Indonesian Kopassus, and the US Navy SEALS, Marine Force Recon, Airforce Pararescue Jumpers, and numerous SWAT/ Tactical Teams. In 2008, Chief designed and conducted the gruelling selection process for the TV program Gladiators, which whittled the tens- of-thousands of eager applicants down to just over a dozen within a matter of days. Chief, Em, and long- term colleague Rob Coad where >> 27