WNiF Magazine - Winter 2019 Edition - Page 20

By Jen Dugard I n a world where women are often pitted against each other and in an industry that has mostly been driven by the masculine influence there is emerging a breed of Personal Trainer that knows there is another way. They believe in change for themselves and change for their clients. They believe that they have to do better, to BE better and to stand together to shape the future. They believe that the future of our Fitness Industry is born through education and collaboration and they believe that the Women, specifically the Mothers that they serve must be better looked after. When you look around at every fitness environment, in the gym, within outdoor group training or group fitness classes the trend, time and time again is that they are filled with more and more women. In 2016 it was reported that Mums made up 77% of women aged 15 and over (www.abs.gov) so if 77% of the women in our exercise environments are mothers, and we know that babies are being born every, single day, it must also make sense that there is a huge need to ensure these women are looked after properly within our industry. COLLABORATION OVER COMPETITION Your average Personal Trainer is not fully educated in working with mums, prenatal, postnatal or beyond. It’s not taught in your Certificate 3 & 4. It doesn’t become something you are qualified for ‘just because 20 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - WINTER 2019 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - WINTER 2019 you are a fitness professional and you become a mother yourself’ and it shouldn’t be a guessing game. It must be learned and it must be implemented well, ideally with the support of allied health professionals. Women are at stake; physically and emotionally. This is where these unique personal trainers and fitness businesses come in and are raising the bar; they share the same mission ‘to ensure that every woman is safely and effectively looked after once she becomes a mother’ and to lead the way in ensuring this happens. They are all independently owned and operate under their own brand running either mum-focused fitness businesses or specific mum-focused classes within their fitness business but rather than competing with each other they have chosen to unite under the umbrella of the Body Beyond Baby brand – as the Body Beyond Baby affiliate team. A team that are all Safe Return to Exercise accredited (many hold more than one pre/postnatal accreditation), aligned with their industry fitness body either in Australia or New Zealand, hold the correct insurance and proven partnerships with Women’s Health Physiotherapists to ensure the best possible standard of care for the mothers that they work with. They share a unique bond in supporting each other through the ups and downs of running a small fitness business, mostly single- handily. They commit to regular team up-skilling from allied health professionals and they know that when they are there for each other they can be there for more and more women within their communities and beyond. 21