WNiF Magazine - Winter 2018 Edition - Page 50

WHAT’S NEW IN GROUP FITNESS SynergyAIR ALTITUDE BLACKROLL BLACKROLL Group Fitness Program 1-hour trainings with 120 different exercises. • BLACKROLL® MOVES is the first official BLACKROLL® Group Fitness Program. By combining gliding movements from fascia training programs with classic yoga and pilates moves, it provides a solid base for daily physical demands. The training also offers an intense cardio element with functional full body exercises. An essential part of these 60 minute workouts is relaxation. The myofascial self- massage with a flowing sequence of stretches leads to new body awareness, to greater fitness and harmony. There are 3 levels of difficulty for all exercises so you are able to offer the right challenge for all participants to keep them engaged and motivated. • Official studio- and trainer- certification. • Comprehensive marketing package to advertise your courses professionally. Be the first in Australia to offer your clients or members the BLACKROLL® Group Fitness Program. +49 7141 30988530 www.blackroll.com ADVANTAGES FOR TRAINERS: • • You will receive four new structured training instructions with explanatory videos and texts. A complete year of prepared Group Fitness At Altitude SynergyAIR ALTITUDE – Simulated altitude (Hypoxic) training sessions will give you a great workout with much less stress on your body. Clients with limited exercise tolerance can get more value from training at altitude. Training in a hypoxic environment will potentially help you go faster and further, react quicker, think sharper, feel stronger and be more focused. It can also accelerate the positive outcomes of exercise on fat loss, reduced appetitie, diabetes management and rehab time. Talk to Synergy about introducing an Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) room and group fitness classes. 07 5549 1883 www.synergyfitness.com.au VIDEO HERE XTREME INTERNATIONAL ALTITUDE FACTOR ™ Simulated altitude training specialists XTREME International with education partner Altitude First International (AFI) introduce ALTITUDE FACTOR™ training. ALTITUDE FACTOR™ Australia’s first ever multi-structured altitude training program for fitness industry professionals. Group fitness programs include; FAST (Functional Altitude Speed Training) A Diverse range of structured, functional, instructor driven classes to challenge the enthusiastic beginner to professional athlete. 50 3 Key advantages for your clients: 1. Time efficient exercise 2. Increased metabolism leading to accelerated weight loss 3. Improved body composition profile through fat loss and gain in lean body mass Education: your trainers and staff to deliver the very best solutions to your clients and members.. Invest in ALTITUDE FACTOR™. A clear pathway to successfully introduce simulated altitude training in your group fitness programme. 07 3102 3478 www.xit-sys.com The ALTITUDE FACTOR™ education program develops team knowledge and skills through a combination of online theory and face to face workshops. Development of an in-house head trainer combined with the AFI online platform ensures crucial ongoing team support and education for WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - WINTER 2018