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Craig Mac welcomes you to the Winter 2018 Edition of the WNiF Magazine .
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The latest IHRSA report looks at the Asia-Pacific region serving 22 million members , over 25,000 health clubs and a net worth over AU $ 22 billion .
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Chances are you have ! That means you ’ ll want to know what to include your social media policy .
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Meridian Lawyers identify some key considerations when buying a fitness franchise .
18 Pre & Postnatal Myths Resident fitness specialist and author Jen Dugard runs us through some pre and postnatal exercise myths and tips .
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Fitness Australia advice on a sensible approach to deals and membership discounts .


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Get your slice of the pie ! Find out how to best market your fitness business to 3 generations of members .
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Craig Mac visits the flagship of Melbourne based boutique cycle studio Bodhi & Ride for an exclusive interview .
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NPE Coaching explains why some business owners fill their schedule with great clients and how you can do the same .
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World renowned sales and business leader Steve Jensen explains how to make sales in start-up business .
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The process of initiating an effective functional design plan begins with the goal of the project : a clear direction as to what it is to be accomplished and why . Bryan Green from Aktiv Solutions runs us through the process .


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Our 10-page Feature Product section showcases by category , What ’ s New across commercial fitness product ranges , business services and other equipment . In this edition we spotlight these six categories :
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In every edition of the WNiF Magazine , we get the heads up from a prominent representative of the commercial fitness supplier community . In this edition , Craig Mac interviews the Director and CEO of HQH Fitness , Greg Doherty on the changing landscape of the fitness industry , new challenges facing gym and studio owners and how to get the most out of your functional training space .
By Jen Dugard EXERCISE MYTHS & TIPS H aving worked with mums both pre and post natal for almost a decade, I have discovered that there are many myths around appropriate ways to exercise during pregnancy and recover postnatally. In this article I offer a different perspective on a number of these myths, providing tips for you to move forward with your clients more effectively and help more women experience life as a mother with the right information and education to make their exercise efforts more rewarding and enjoyable. 18 Myth: Tip: know that she is doing it right or not? In pregnancy, she can just keep doing anything so long as she ‘feels okay’. You must understand the pregnant body and how to assess and adapt from woman to woman. If you haven’t heard it already you need to understand that the PF is an internal muscle. For the super enthusiastic woman you need to understand if her pelvic floor, abdominal wall and pelvis are all coping with the exercise she wants to do. Enlisting the help of a women’s health physiotherapist to help you determine this, could be one of the best things you can do for your pregnant clients. No matter how good we are as Fitness Professionals and no matter how well trained we are in pre and postnatal exercise we cannot and are not qualified to assess a woman’s PF. Myth: In pregnancy she should slow right down and make sure she is just doing gentle exercise. I’ve grouped these two myths together as they are completely contradictory, yet go hand-in-hand. It’s contradictions like this that can confuse fitness professionals and mums alike. So what is correct? Understand that each woman is an individual and each pregnancy experience is unique (the same woman can have two very different pregnancy experiences). Through my many years of training, I have found there are generally two types of women; 1. 2. those that want to keep doing everything they have been doing for as long as they can, and those that are afraid or just don’t know what is okay and what is not okay and so they will often stop doing anything at all. The same can be said for your more cautious clients; often these women just need a little more handholding, some good care and attention, and the right education to help them understand that movement and strength training can be hugely beneficial to both mother and baby. Again a women’s health physiotherapist can help you in knowing where your client’s body is at and can also help to re-assure her that she is doing the right thing in continuing to exercise. Myth: You can teach your postnatal mum pelvic floor (PF) exercises and let her WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - WINTER 2018 We can’t feel it through external touch and we can have no idea if a woman has good strength, endurance or even if she is activating correctly. Research tells us that 50% of women that think they are doing a correct PF activation (a lift), are actually pushing out through – and could therefore potentially be overloading an already weak PF. Not to mention what happens when she consciously ‘lifts’ her PF at the bottom of a loaded lift – eek! Tip: Partner with a local Women’s Health Physiother 7BtBV7W&R`W"7BFBV2vFFW 6G&V6VRFVtN( 2UrdDU52tDU"#&W6V&6FV0W2FBSR`vVFBF氧FW&RFr6'&V7BVf0f"7FfFƖgB&R7GVǐW6rW@F&Vv( 2@6VBFW&Vf&PFVFǒ&PfW&Fr&VGvVVf2f"ॖW"t&RW"( WW2FR6F^( גFW&RDR7BfV&P&VF6R6f&&FW"FV7W&RR&RrgFW"W"VЦ6ƖVG2FFR&W7BbW"&ƗGFWW6RF27V62&VFPVG&6VBFVW"6ƖVB( fN( W bB7F'BF76W72G27G&VwFFW6FFW&W֖Fࢆvǒ&V6VFVBF6V6W &W7FrFR7G&VwFBVGW&6PBf"6v2b&6RbFW6R6FF26W6RW 6ƖVG26FW&RFff7VBF&W&ǐFWFV7BFW"vBBV26P2&RƖVǒFW6F&Vv7F07V626FV6RW"VW7Bf fFW72v2BW7FWF72&V6W6R6P2BחFbW"6ƖVG2( &'( 2FW"Fb&F2FV6R2vW ( 7FF( BRF( BVVBF6gW'FW"VW7F2खBbFRv&FG'@fRvg&FRv&G2( &R@7FF( BFƲ&RvVW&FW&2&WB( V>( ( 2vWFW"FBVЦ2&VvB6vVV27FF6V'0