WNiF Magazine - Winter 2017 Edition | Page 46

WHAT’S NEW IN TRAINING AIDS MUUV SPORT Stealth Align Foam Roller Stealth Align by Muuvsport is an elite foam roller made in the USA and exclusively engineered to unlock your power and potential. Ideal for aligning the back, providing deep muscle tissue massage and increasing maximum range of motion. Ordinary foam rollers are small in diameter and lack design with limited effectiveness. The Stealth Align foam roller has 58 elevated diamond pressure points WOVII to allow contact to deep muscle tissue with a unique centre channel providing spinal protection, stability and alignment. The Stealth Align foam roller is designed with a unique centre core to provide an elevated cradle your body comfort fit. Used by sports doctors, chiropractor, physical therapists and fitness professionals. Key equipment selection is essential to feeling restored and performing at the highest level. Feel the difference today with a Stealth Align! List Price: $55 www.muuvsport.com No Ordinary Towel We make lightweight, super absorbent towels so you won’t be stuck stuffing a bulky towel into your gym bag. LIGHTWEIGHT - just 400 grams per square meter. MAX ABSORBENCY - absorbs 4 times their own weight. SUPER SOFT - Woviis don’t get stiff or scratchy. DOUBLE SIDED - soft & absorbent. NO. MORE. FLUFF - no lose yarns or loops. All of our products, down to their tiny sewing threads, are Oeko-Tex® certified - a globally recognised standard for textiles. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, they test for harmful substances and measure against strict criteria that often goes far beyond national and international standards. List Price: From 14.95 1300 496 844 www.wovii.com SKLZ AccuRoller Adjustable Massage Roller If there’s one pre- and post-activity tool you need in your bag, it’s the AccuRoller. Designed with adjustable massage balls that reconfigure to hit trigger points from head to toe, the AccuRoller offers myofascial release for increased muscle flexibility, oxygenation and strength. Features: • Adjustable balls for more versatile trigger release • Helps increase muscle flexibility, oxygenation and strength • Designed for head-to-toe massaging and stretching • Durable nylon straps can be used as handles or for stretching straps List Price: $50 1300 38 38 77 www.sklz.com Adjustable, portable and, like you, designed to perform. 46 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - WINTER 2017