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WHAT’S NEW IN TRAINING AIDS IRON EDGE RECOUPE FITNESS Recoup Cryosphere Combine the benefits of Ice and Massage in one single product. Activate your Cryosphere in the freezer for 2 hours and use your Cryosphere for up to 6 hours of ice cold muscle relief. Our patent-pending 2 in 1 design allows the user to access the free- rolling Cryosphere for mobility and total-body use. Use the Cryosphere across your entire body to accelerate and recover damaged or inflamed muscles and injuries. WHAT’S NEW IN TRAINING AIDS Why use the Recoup Cryosphere • Increase blood and lymphatic flow using trigger point myofascial release • Relieve muscle spasms, stiffness or joint pain. • Help break up scar tissue and improve lactic acid build up • Combat muscle fatigue, pain, tightness, soreness and knots while promoting natural stress relief hgg 30-day money back guarantee with this product and free shipping over $100. List Price: From AU$49.00 www.recoupfitness.com ‘The’ Resistance Training Aid ATX Gym Hammer The Power Band is a first-rate stretching tool. By fixing it at one end and using it to stretch a given limb, like lying on your back, looping it around the sole of your foot and pulling with your hands to stretch the hamstring, the band will increase the intensity of the stretch with a pressure that is easily regulated. When it comes to building and developing raw strength and explosive power nothing beats sledgehammer training. Don’t be fooled by imitation resistance bands Our Power Bands are the only true resistance bands that have “latex layer technology”. Warning! It is recommended that people with latex allergies do not expose their skin to Power Bands List Price: From AU$7.00 www.ironedge.com OPTIMO SAM’S FITNESS The World’s First Ergonomic Fitness Grips How do they work? Optimo Grips attach to just about any type of barbell, dumbbell, or other type of attachment in the gym (any 1 to 1.5-inch handle). They can be used for basic lifts like bench press, curls, pull-ups, lat pull- downs, shoulder press, etc. They’ll also be helpful when using cables or machine equipment with a handle. Gym hammer training has been around for years. It is one of those exercises which will never go out of fashion. Smashing tires with all your strength works your core, shoulders, back and improves your grip significantly!. • High quality Matte Black finish • Handle is made out of heavy- duty steel tube. • Weight imprint on the hammer head and the candle cap. • Cast Iron welded hammer head. Optimo Grips are flexible enough to wrap around multiple types of equipment and are extremely easy to take on and off. They weigh next to nothing, but are tough enough to not compress when weight is applied. You can’t squeeze them like a stress ball. Why the Grips? Optimo Grips provide pressure relief by distributing the weight over a wider surface area on the palm, which ultimately makes each lift more comfortable and efficient. They can be used for all or one of many sets. It’s a good change of pace and may be especially helpful if you’ve hit a plateau, needing to try something different. Cost: US29 BUY NOW >>> AUSFIT TORSION BARS CORE PRODIGY Prodigy Fit Push Up Bars The Prodigy Fit or P-Fit is an ingenious, multi-functional exercise device that combines a stable and unstable platform. Users can perform a multitude of different exercises. Some exercises can be incorporated in with P-Fit are push ups (stable and unstable), balancing, stretching, dips, gymnastic moves, planks, handstands and much more. WARNING: Push-ups on the unstable portion of the P-Fit can be very challenging (especially on 54 List Price: From AU$55.00 www.samsfitness.com.au hard flooring). Before attempting a push-up, try to use in the plank position and slowly progress to a push-up. AUSFIT Torsion Bars - The Fitness Tool Your Gym Needs The Prodigy Fit (P-Fit) has a Lifetime Warranty! Core Prodigy covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship, regardless of the age of the product, but it does not cover normal wear and tear. Wear and tear is damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal use! Purchase comes with 2 pieces and include fusion tape. Gone are the days of the “Pump Bar.” Whether you own a gym, operate a Bootcamp or are a PT, the AUSFIT Torsion Bar will soon be your ‘go to’ piece of training gear. With no assembly or disassembly required — there’s no wasting time changing weights, a max length 90cm and an innovative polymer coating resistant to RUST, SALT, SUN and CRACKING. The AUSFIT Torsion Bar is perfect for both indoors and Cost: AU$50 www.coreprodigy.com WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2019 out. www.ausfittorsionbars.com.au Offering 9 weight sizes starting at 4kg and increasing to 20kg the Torsion Bars versatility provides a tool for Strength Training, Stretching, Joint Mobility, Rehabilitation as well as a simulated weapon when training for Military employment. Our new racks systems keep everything under control and look great in any gym or studio. List Price: AU$46 - $139 02 9922 2559  WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2019 BUY NOW >>> 55