WNiF Magazine - Summer 2019 Edition | Page 44

WHAT’S NEW IN EDUCATION ACPE Bachelor Applied Fitness Previously, Australia’s rapidly- growing fitness industry required vocational qualifications as an entry point. The Bachelor of Applied Fitness incorporates this vocational requirement while delivering a higher level of qualification – namely, an undergraduate degree The Bachelor of Applied Fitness combines the theory and practice of the field – motivation and learning, ethics, communication, and administration are each balanced with the ‘hard yard’ demands of practical training Exercise Mechanics Specialist Fitness is divided into four strands. • Fitness Studies • Fitness Science • Vocational Education Training (VET) and Management • Our four day course covers: Professional Skill Developmente. • Exercise Mechanics - Detailed exploration of exercise mechanics (biomechanics). • Exercise Execution - How to modify Exercise Execution based on individual body structures and injuries. • Improve Output and Strength - Maximise muscular output from exercise. Career Outcomes This qualification provides a superior gateway to such lucrative growth areas as personal training, corporate health, special needs training, fitness writing, and event presentation. It can also open doors to further study and research in fitness and health- related fields. The next level of fitness degree – combining superior Fitness and Personal Training courses. • 1300 302 867 www.acpe.edu.au • Optimise programming and execution to ensure appropriate adaptations. • ​Sports Performance - Learn how to apply exercise mechanics to improve athletic performance Designed by professional fitness association members, providers of current industry accreditation, and academics with industry experience, the Bachelor of Applied EXERCISE LAB Equipment Analysis - Learn to analyse and modify equipment/ tools to suit training goals. Course Cost: AU$995 www.exerciselab.co GET ACCREDITED LET’S ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS TO A HIGHER STANDARD The Fitness Australia Quality Accreditation program provides the resources and support your business needs to achieve excellence. WHY BECOME QUALITY ACCREDITED? Establish credibility and trust Be nationally benchmarked Reduce risk and enhance business sustainability Improve your systems, services and processes Get assessed by an independent quality improvement organisation Find out more at accreditation.fitness.org.au or call 1300 211 311. INSTITUTE OF MOTION Health Coaching Fundementals - Part 1 3-day, Part 1 IoM Mentorship Program Overview: Understanding movement is the key to performance and injury prevention. The 3-Day Mentorship Program provides a unique opportunity for fitness professionals, allied health professionals, coaches and trainers to gather in a magnificent tropical setting to learn practical movement analysis and correction methodologies directly from the IoM researchers. 44 Share with and learn from others in a supportive environment where the goal is to come away with the skills, tools and knowledge to enhance the capacity for whole-body, functional movement in each of your clients. Institute of Motion multi-day courses give you the chance to learn intensively, ask questions, and practice creatively. We’ll make time for you to network with your colleagues and fellow fitness geeks, recharge with imaginative work outs, and enjoy the local atmosphere. And we’ll insist on really good food!.​ “Inspirational, empowering and humbling. The words to describe the five days I have spent listening and learning from the Institute of Motion, Level 1 & 2 Mentorship at Caloundra. “An experience which will completely optimise your life, your training and whole body awareness” - Marcie McLeod from “Lets Just Do It” Health/Rehabilitation/ Fitness Coach Sunshine Coast. Course Cost: AU$1299 www.perform-better.com.au What others say about this course: WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2019 START NOW