WNiF Magazine - Summer 2019 Edition | Page 40

FITNESS AUSTRALIA: LET’S GET MOVING By Barrie Elvish A snapshot from Fitness Australia CEO Barrie Elvish M ore Australians, more active, more often. Six simple words that carry a powerful message, and if Fitness Australia’s new strategic direction is successful, an outcome that will support a healthier, happier community with reduced physical and mental health issues and a much improved sense of wellbeing. In support of our new direction in 2019, Fitness Australia amended its Constitution for the first time, to enable our exercise professional membership base to be elected to the Fitness Australia Board and vote for their preferred candidate. We were thrilled to have nominations from an incredible number of extremely high calibre candidates. 40 Following the election process, Fitness Australia welcomed three new elected Board members; Ty Menzies joins Justin McDonell as the two Business Directors and Jen Dugard and Chantal Brodrick make history as the first elected AusREP Directors - read more. Advocating for the fitness industry Fitness Australia starts 2020 with a new enthusiastic Board and energised team of staff who will be totally focussed on supporting our members grow their businesses and increase their employment opportunities. These objectives will be supported by an improved IT capacity, increased human resources dedicated to member support, an educational campaign centred around the Fitness Australia Quality Accreditation program, a new Code of Ethical Conduct and most importantly ramped up Advocacy efforts in the areas of NDIA, private health insurance, community use of public space and exercise related programs in non-traditional settings. Quality Accreditation... supports business best-practices and can position your business as a leader and an employer of choice with a quality improvement ethos. of an effective Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy. The ensuing recommendations were considered at the final 2019 Board meeting and will be implemented publicly in the new year; they represent a fundamental root and branch change in policy and action for the organisation and, if half way successful, will fundamentally change for the better the Australian fitness and associated physical activity environment. Keep up to date at fitness.org.au. Quality Accreditation - the gold standard in fitness business For those business owners who are yet to learn about our Quality Accreditation program, the best way to describe it is a business improvement program that aligns with a global quality framework that demonstrates the ‘Gold standard’ in a fitness business. It supports business best-practices and can position your business as a leader and an employer of choice with a quality improvement ethos. Give our team a call to discuss business accreditation, or to find out more go to accreditation.fitness.org.au. 2020 FILEX Convention Fitness Australia will use the FILEX 2020 event as an opportunity to engage with delegates, members and non-members alike, to explore effective Advocacy strategies and seek feedback on both existing and planned initiatives designed to support our new direction. Speaking of FILEX, tickets are now available for purchase, the program is exciting and provocative and the quality of presenters of a very high standard in terms of content and delivery. I encourage all members of the exercise and physical activity community to review the program online and consider attending. Fitness Australia members also can benefit by heavily reduced entrance fees. Visit filex.com.au . To get industry news, tools or guidance call us on 1300 211 311 or visit www.fitness.org.au VIDEO HERE Late in 2019 the Fitness Australia Board received the findings of an independent review that was tasked with the development WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2019 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2019 41