WNiF Magazine - Summer 2019 Edition | Page 38

ONLINE INFLUENCERS YOU NEVER KNEW YOU HAD! By Austin Smith E veryone knows social media marketing is important. It’s the biggest, most financially savvy medium available, and it is utilised by top businesses worldwide. Perhaps the trendiest strategy in digital marketing today is the leveraging of the influencer. The term gets tossed around a tonne. The definition is straight forward: somebody who can influence the purchase decisions of a massive following. Yet some mystery and hesitation continue to surround influencers: Who are these people? How do I find the right ones for my brand? Which platform should I target? Can I trust them? If so, what should I be asking of them? Researching, coordinating with and directing a social influencer strategy can be an overwhelming and time-consuming job with everything else you are doing to drive results for your club. The good news is that you don’t need to go far to find the perfect influencers for your business. In fact, they’re already working with you — your personal trainers and fitness instructors. Instructors with Influence Some of your staff may already be Internet famous and have a massive audience, but more likely, your staff fall into the tier of micro- influencers—those who have a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand followers. Micro- influencers are valuable due to their heightened relevance on a local level; that is to say that their audiences are much more local, relevant and actionable than the wide and varied audience someone like The Rock may be broadcasting to. Sure, he has millions of followers, but how many of them live close enough to your club to come in and try a new class or buy a pack of PT sessions? Probably few if any at all. These mighty micro-influencers are not only more relevant to your target audience, but as your trainers and instructors, they also have a vested personal interest in sharing 38 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2019 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2019 enthusiastically about your club on their social networks — and if they don’t, they should. Building Bodies and Brands Trainers or instructors who aspire to high levels of success know that building their reputation online is the foundation of creating a personal brand. Although organic word of mouth can help, establishing their expertise and effectiveness by sharing success stories on their own accounts will fast-track the process. Not only will creating social media evangelists increase online awareness, it can also act as both a new business driver and member retention tool. What better way to prove people should be working with you than to show it firsthand? What better way to keep a client coming back than to show them just how far they’ve come? Above all, empowering the members of your team to build their own brand through social media comes full circle to benefit you as an owner. When people search for your club on social media, they should see post after post of reasons why they should be working out at your club with your trainers. As your group fitness classes fill up day after day and your trainers’ books of business grow, so does your revenue. Getting Started Your trainers and instructors are already influencing members in your club. Now it’s time to get them to influence your social media network. Some offers of encouragment... Create a quota. Set concrete expectations staff can use as guidelines, e.g. share twice a week. Suggest topics. Theme certain days to inspire content, such as Motivation Monday or Flex Friday. Show support. Affirm efforts made by liking and commenting on staff posts, and even re-sharing them on your brand accounts. This sponsored article is part of Club Industry’s report, “The Changing World of Personal Training.” - download this free report here. 39