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STUDIO PROFILE: AIR LOCKER TRAINING By Craig Mac F ounder and CEO of Air Locker Training, Roman Brady believes that anything is possible if you have a strong belief in yourself and consistently work towards achieving your goals. An MBA student at Newcastle University, a background in mining and mechanical engineering, and no stranger to training as an ex-footy player, Roman has created a concept that he feels is the perfect training environment to achieve real results and is a potential industry game-changer. Craig Mac drops by the brand new Air Locker studio in Newcastle, NSW for a catch up with Roman. Craig Mac: How would you best describe Air Locker Training? Roman Brady: Air Locker Training is a health and wellness franchise focusing on group training and health and wellness services inside a simulated altitude environment. This means the oxygen available inside the studio is reduced from 21% to 14.5%, forcing the body’s cells to become more efficient at using oxygen to fuel the body during exercise. The franchise model includes group training classes in the mornings and afternoon for all ages ranging from primary school kids to mature adults aged over 55 years old; and during the day the studio is used for professional health and wellness services including rehab, prehab, return to work programs and corporate wellness etc, delivered by health and allied professionals. CM: Where did the idea for Air Locker Training come from, and has the end result changed from the original concept. RB: The idea of training in a simulated altitude environment has been around for years. Previous simulated altitude training providers have been unable to penetrate the fitness market mainly due to focusing the product on trekking; endurance training and a large focus on science. Trekkers and endurance athletes are an exclusive club and “science” is not an inclusive language, which in return, this has made it hard for the general population to connect to. Air Locker Training consciously broke away from the science, trekking and endurance themes to allow the general population to connect with the product. Through some engineering nuance and many hours in R&D, we made the hypoxia system more commercial, meaning we could make the business accessible and attractive to everyone. CM: Explain “FTF” – Focus Through Fatigue method and what was the > > thought process behind it? 22 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2019 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2019 23