WNiF Magazine - Summer 2018 Edition | Page 53

Five questions with... Tony Griffin Managing Director, Panatta Australia Established over 50 years ago, the success of the Panatta brand has been possible thanks to the control of the development cycle and production of each and every machine carried out inside the walls of the company HQ in Italy. Over 90 worldwide distributors and 350 plus production portfolios, Panatta is now available in Australia as a genuine contender for innovative commercial fitness equipment that carries passion and style on the badge. Managing Director Tony Griffin chats to Craig Mac. Perhaps the newest commercial fitness equipment supplier in the Aussie market. What makes Panatta different from other suppliers? It’s definitely the comprehensive product lines we offer to the Australian market. This means there are more options for a club install, allowing you to attract a cross section of members who have different training needs. Panatta constantly studies market trends to adapt to all areas within the market. We believe that quality and price point is the most important factor for our customers return on investment. Extending the brand of a club or studio through the customisation of it’s equipment is high on an owner’s agenda today. Can Panatta deliver on that request? Yes most definitely. Panatta recognise the importance of brand awareness, and have been customising for many years. Colour and padding options are standard with Panatta and as an Italian company, the style, comfort and look of your machines is very important. tension should be placed on the muscle and not on the joint of the human body. How does Panatta approach a dynamic and engaging fitness experience for the end-user? Innovation does not mean just creating new products. How does Panatta embrace the changing needs of the industry? When we create a machine we always start with the end in mind - the member experience. We believe that the end user has to be engaged with not only the technology, but also the way the machine functions. Panatta have always designed a machine, whether its cardio, strength or functional for the purpose of superior function and biomechanics. It is the reason while we still produce the pre-loaded lever, so that the end user does not put stress on their ligaments and tendons of the shoulders. All Not just creating new products but making sure these new products are strong, robust and functional. Since designing the self-lubricated treadmills, we have seen a cost reduction in servicing and maintenance for our customers as they opt for a maintenance free solution. Our innovation has always been our greatest asset, but we are successful because our superior quality lasts for many years making return for investment extremely popular. What can we look forward to in 2019 and beyond from Panatta? Driven by social media, we have seen a surge in designated female only strength and functional spaces, resulting in us designing a number of glute machines with an international patent. 2019 will also see the introduction of our 4th cardio line, which is a little bit bigger than our current Fenix and Pininfarina offerings. We are also developing new lines in our medical market that will have an international medical certificate - an area becoming very popular in Australia with the increase of Rehabilitation and exercise physiology. To speak with a Panatta team member call 08 8387 3985 or email Tony at [email protected].