WNiF Magazine - Summer 2018 Edition | Page 48

WHAT’S NEW IN TECHNOLOGY TRAINING NOTEBOOK LIFE FITNESS Connected Consoles More entertainment options are available to exercisers with the addition of the Foxtel and Spotify Apps. Life Fitness also meets the demands of HIIT training on the SE3 HD treadmill console with its new Performance Run view. FOXTEL & SPOTIFY APPS MORE ENTERTAINMENT OPTIONS: Now exercisers can stream their own Foxtel and Spotify Apps directly on connected Life Fitness Cardio Consoles. Users can watch their favourite Foxtel channels or navigate their own Spotify tunes, staying entertained and engaged. This feature is available on the Discover SE3 and SE3 HD Consoles. PERFORMANCE RUN - HIIT TRAINING AVAILABLE NOW ON TREADMILL CONSOLES: Introducing the new Performance Run view. Unlock the benefits of HIIT Training in this latest update to the Discover SE3 HD Consoles. Easily change speed and incline and create customised training experiences that meet the demands for Interval Training. 1800 689 622 www.lifefitness.com.au The Simplest Software For PT’s The Training Notebook is one of the most robust and simple iPad apps for personal trainers. The home page gives you a central hub where you can easily access your client’s training schedule, contact information and assessment details. The program page allows you to start building your client’s training program in just minutes. You can then copy and paste your favourite workouts, email them to your clients, and you can even choose from pre-made program templates. The body assessment feature allows you to store before and after pictures of clients and you can input caliper readings into the app and it will calculate the rest for you. The Training Notebook allows you to save a heap of time that would otherwise be spent writing down. Price: 15-Day Free Trial Download from the iTunes Store EVERLAST & PIQ Boxer-Sensing System: PIQ Robot Blue The PIQ ROBOT™ Blue is the first piece of wearable technology designed specifically for combat sports. Track all your workouts: shadow boxing, bag, mitt training & sparring. The PIQ ROBOT™ Blue is awesome training technology that you can use on your PT clients. List Price: AU$130 www.piq.com/boxing PIQ is a “robot” that attaches to your boxing glove and syncs with an app. The app provides feedback on your uppercuts and left hooks, including pointers for improvement. Measure your speed of punch, your G-force at impact, and your retraction time for all your punches. 48 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2018