WNiF Magazine - Summer 2018 Edition | Page 46

WHAT’S NEW IN FASHION & WEARABLES TITIN RYDERWEAR The World’s Best Gym Clothing We know how important good quality clothing is – that’s why Ryderwear clothes are built to last and built to perform. We only use the highest quality materials that are durable and flexible enough to give you support in the gym – our clothing is as athletic as you are. Ryderwear designs high quality clothing with styles that suit every part of your fast paced life. We make clothes for active people who take pride in their body and performance. If you care about style and love to stay fit, Ryderwears range of clothes have been specifically made just for you. Your clothes should make you stand out and help you look your best, whether you are at the gym or on the streets. Our clothes are designed to bring cutting edge sport technology and style; together with performance and comfort so that you get everything you need out of your gear. Besides our range of hats, shoes, gym bags and work-out accessories, we also make lifting belts, grips and straps, because you deserve the best possible equipment for your workout. When you care about pushing your limits and reaching your peak performance don’t settle for second-rate equipment. FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING on all orders within Australian. F: @Ryderwear www.ryderwear.com.au TITIN Force System This 14-pocket inner shirt serves as the base layer of The TITIN Force™ weighted shirt system. Strategically placed pockets position weighted hydro-gel inserts across the chest, back, shoulders and upper arms. The TITIN Force™ system was designed with the top level athlete in mind. Double-reinforced stitching and a smooth performance zipper that makes it easy to put on and take off with all 8lbs of gel inserts in place. Knowing you’ll do a lot of sweating in this shirt, we’ve incorporated A.M.Y. antimicrobial yarn to block odour and germs. Sorbtek® material blocks sweat and grass stains while moving moisture away from the body four times faster than other fabrics. Price: US$52.95 www.shoptitintech.com BELLABEAT 46 The Leaf Urban Wellness Tracker - Beautiful On The Outside, Smart On The Inside • Water resistant. • It’s shower safe . • Wear it as a bracelet, necklace or clip. • Tracks activity, sleep, stress, meditation and reproductive health. The best of both worlds; this wellness tracker combines fashion with function to help you raise your well- being to the next level. Become in sync with your body, mind and soul! • Made of wood composite material and hypoallergenic stainless steel. • 6-month battery life. • No screens or buttons. • Optimised for women’s health. Comes with the Infinity Necklace Active Bracelet in Violet Ice / Gray Wave, battery replacement tool, user manual and 4 extra screws. List Price: US$99.00 www.bellabeat.com WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2018