WNiF Magazine - Summer 2018 Edition | Page 40

WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS EQUIPMENT BODY-SOLID The Hexagon PRO Functional Training Rig The Body-Solid Hexagon PRO Rig System is perfect for commercial gyms and fitness studios. Start Building Your Future The Hexagon PRO Base Frame (SR- HEXPRO) is the starting point for you to build the ultimate commercial fitness room or training facility. Expansion is as easy as attaching one, two, three or more (SR- HEXPROEXT) PRO Extension Frames onto the base unit. Over 20 Attachments Built For Your Life The Hexagon PRO is a flexible solution for any fitness application. No matter the type of workout your members are looking to excel at, the Hexagon PRO will meet your demands. Packages Available With so many options you may not know where to start. So we’ve put together a group of pre-designed packages to choose from. As always, if you have questions or need help finding the best fit for your needs. The Hexagon RIG is commercial rated and features a Lifetime Warranty on frames, welds, weight plates and guide rods. F: @gymquip www.body-solid.com.au Assist Chin Dip Machine This commercial machine is available to be used with or without weight stacks, which is suitable for all levels of users. The multi-angle handles for the pull-ups and the special-shape low handles provide a variety of options for users, which can be adapted to various kinds of training and different muscle groups. Double level foot pedal and up/ down stair design makes this machine stable and more secure. Specifications: Footprint:(L)1220*(W)1670*(H)2290m Machine Net Weight: 242KG Weight stack: 80KG - 120KG www.chinabodystrong.com.au The Hexagon PRO is a modular fitness system and completely customisable to fit your needs. BODY STRONG SYNERGY FITNESS The Infinity Series - Chest Press 40 recruitment. • Range of Motion (R.O.M) handle adjustment for pre stretch. The Infinity Series from Synergy Fitness is a commercial grade pin loaded machine which can be customised to suit your club. • Gas assisted seat adjustment. • Adjustments & weight stack easily accessible from seat. Features include: • Colour coded instructional placard. • Adjustable feet to ensure the machine can be perfectly balanced on any floor surface. • Overhead pivoting and converging compound arc for safe and natural movement. • Unilateral operation for balanced strength development. • Dynamic variable resistance to correctly maximise muscle View the full range of the Infinity Series machines on our newly updated website. 07 5549 1883 www.synergyfitness.com.au WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2018