WNiF Magazine - Summer 2018 Edition | Page 38

WHAT’S NEW IN EDUCATION METAFIT AUSTRALIA BARRE ATTACK Become An HIIT Coach With Metafit Metafit™ is the Original Branded 30-minute HIIT Workout. music, saving you time to focus more on your clients. • No licence fees! Use Metafit on the class timetable, bootcamp or PT session. • Live workout only. Metafit is not a home, DVD or virtual workout. This is a coach-led class. Quality trainers instructing a quality program in a safe and highly effective manner. • Highly successful. With over 15,000 coaches worldwide, Metafit is a highly effective tool for all fitness professionals wanting to save time and boost revenue immediately! Both coaches and clients love the Metafit HIIT system. Metafit keeps things simple, coach- led and technique-focused, it’s a military-inspired workout that sticks to the true principles of HIIT. • 1-day certification. You’ll learn true HIIT science, mobilisation warm-ups, exercises techniques and modifications, training fundamentals and how to use them in your business. • Monthly workouts. New workouts are released every month - over 100 now available. Each workout comes with unique branding, commands, countdowns and backing Course Cost: $299 0438 103608 www.metafit-australia.com Barre Teacher Training Barre Attack offers Barre Teacher Training, Barre equipment and apparel, @HOME online barre classes to enjoy every day, and great support for our Barre Instructors. This includes advanced Barre courses, online barre class formats, a supportive community and VIP Barre Instructor Membership. Becoming Certified: Complete the 2 day Foundations training followed by half day Examination Workshop to gain certification. • Level 1 - Foundation • Level 2 - Examination Workshop • Level 3 - Advanced Courses Courses held throughout the year and across Australia. 02 9300 9444 www.barreattack.com VIDEO HERE AUS COMBAT Australia’s Most Accredited Boxing Certificate Boxing Skills & Fitness Certificate is run by Boxing & Martial Arts Specialists and some of Australia’s most experienced and qualified Exercise Physiologists & Sports Scientists with a minimum of 15 years experience in coaching. Take your training to the next level and deliver unrivalled service to your clients. It’s our mission to CHANGE the way boxing for fitness is taught to prevent unnecessary and avoidable injuries. 38 IN 1 DAY YOU WILL LEARN THE SKILLS YOU NEED TO TEACH BOXING SKILLS & FITNESS WITH CONFIDENCE. The Australian Combat & Exercise boxing certification program runs regularly in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast & Brisbane and will be available soon in other large cities We can also come to your gym or health centre and run in-house and private boxing fitness courses for your staff. Want to take yout training further? Level 2 - HIIT Boxing & Kickboxing with Metabolic Conditioning Course. 1300 223 556 www.auscombatex.com WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2018