WNiF Magazine - Summer 2018 Edition | Page 32

BECOME A SIX-FIGURE SALES SUCCESS I f you’re a fitness business owner or manager, then chances are high that you’re busy; you feel stressed at certain times; and your ideal work strategy is to always generate maximum income for minimum effort (don’t worry, that’s not lazy, it’s called “working smart”!) As an owner, there may be times when you and your business feels like a prison; you’re struggling to grow your memberships; you’re working longer hours but paying yourself less; and despite working in the health industry, your lifestyle is not as healthy as you’d like it to be! Or, if you’re a manager, then you might find your stress levels are increasing because you’re working harder to sell memberships, but the cancellations are occurring at 32 the same rate, so it doesn’t feel like you’re chalking up the success for your CV you hoped you would. team with a blend of soft skills and updated sales techniques, so your team understands how to inspire and close more often? In today’s competitive business climate, a successful organisation recognises the need to update and streamline their sales processes and techniques in order to stop wasting time and stop losing sales. You may think you need more leads, but if you’re conversion percentages are low then more leads won’t boost your income. Conversion is the key. If conversion percentages are not improved first, attracting more leads will become a costly exercise. With so much importance riding on sales conversion, ask yourself these three questions: - 1. Do you provide easy-to-access, comprehensive skills’ training that is integrated into your staff induction process? 2. Do you retrain your existing team members who need their sales skills refreshed in order to boost their sales? 3. Do you empower your sales The truth is that many businesses cannot answer ‘yes’ to more than one of these questions. Recognising a weakness in your sales skills, training and techniques can be viewed as a strength, so long as you proceed to take action, and put in place the tools which will give you and your business the success it seeks. So, if the passion for what you do still exists, but you feel like the goal posts to succeed have changed, then stop what you’re doing right now. The National Sales Academy (NSA) and Impact Training Corporation (ITC) have ready-made solutions that are specifically designed to eliminate your stress, increase your income, and provide you with the freedom to create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. The NSA and ITC specialise in designing and delivering solutions WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2018