WNiF Magazine - Summer 2017 Edition | Page 53

WHAT’S NEW IN TRAINING AIDS TECHNOGYM AUSFIT TORSION BARS MYCYCLING Performance Trainer Torsion Bars Gone are the days of the “Pump Bar.” Whether you own a gym, operate a Boot Camp or are a PT, the AUSFIT Torsion Bar will soon be your ‘go to’ piece of training gear. MYCYCLING offers a specific and innovative training system dedicated to cyclists –TNT, (Technogym Neuromuscular Training) that will help you to continually improve your performance. With no assembly or disassembly required — there’s no wasting time changing weights, a max length 90cm and an innovative polymer coating resistant to RUST, SALT, SUN and CRACKING The AUSFIT Torsion Bar is perfect for both indoors and out. Offering 9 weight sizes starting at 4kg and increasing to 20kg the Torsion Bars versatility provides a tool for Strength Training, Stretching, Joint Mobility, Rehabilitation as well as a simulated weapon when training for Military employment. SMART TRAINER: The heart of the product is the electo-mechanical brake, controlled with acute precision every second you are in the seat. Optical sensors analyse the thrust at all times, allowing you to visualise the smooth circular pedalling stroke and symmetry between your left and right sides. List Price: AU$46 - $139 02 9922 2559  www.ausfittorsionbars.com.au MYCYCLING APP: Tests, programs, personalisation, routes and biofeedback, are all part of the MYCYCLING App. Place your smartphone on the handlebar support to take control via Bluetooth or connect to your Garmin/Strava accounts to enjoy an overview of your indoor/ outdoor training data. PERSONALISED PROGRAMS: With MYCYCLING, you will discover a range of personalised training programs that will greatly enhance your performance thanks to TNT. The TNT program consists of training sessions of 40-70 minutes, constantly changing the cadence and powerlevels for comprehensive neuromuscular activation. 1800 615 440 www.technogym.com/au ONNIT NEW Death Star Slam Ball That’s no moon …… but it’s no medicine ball either. A slam ball is a weighted fitness ball which can be used in a variety of exercises aimed at increasing explosive power and speed. Great for traditional medicine ball movements like overhead slams and squats, as well as more modern uses like wall ball training. The constant dropping, throwing, and slamming a traditional medicine ball suffers inevitably takes a toll on the ball itself. The 10”, 20lb (9kg) Death Star Slam Ball is made of incredibly strong and dense polyurethane rubber, giving it supreme defense against any rebel attack. Death Star Slam Ball in Australia! List Price: AU$120.00 www.onnit.com The Death Star Slam Ball is truly a technical terror that has been constructed with no weaknesses (that we know of). The surface detail of the trenches and ridges on the Death Star Slam Ball not only look incredibly cool, they provide additional grip to help maintain control off the ball during intense workouts. Pre-orders are being taken right now for this ball - be the first to own the WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SUMMER 2017 53