WNiF Magazine - Summer 2017 Edition | Page 15



By Craig Mac
IoT ( Internet of things ) - noun
The interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects , enabling them to send and receive data .
From coaching to exercise tracking to virtual-reality enabled exercise platforms , IoT is emerging with fitness in wonderously helpful ways .
Ensa is a wellness app that aggregates wearable device information and health background information and offer actionable advice . Ensa uses machine learning and data collection to provide users access to their medical information in one place , making it easier for users to manage their own health and physical stature . Ensa give users personalised recommendations via the mobile app , so that they can plan for the future . Users with long-term illness can receive customised notifications to remind them to take care of themselves daily . www . ensa . com
Tangram Factory
Tangram Factory has developed an IoT-enabled jump rope that measures jumping by rotations of the handle , not by vertical acceleration or vibration . The Tangram Factory Smart Rope allows users to set workout plans and log their repetitions as well as compete with other Smart Rope owners allowing room for friendly competition and trackable progress . Smart Ropes are compatible with multiple types of jumping rope , which lets users perform as they please while still tracking their efforts . Smart Ropes operate for as long as 45 hours on a 2-hour charge . www . tangramfactory . com
Revvo is an IoT-enabled training bike that indirectly monitors aerobic performance by consistently measuring heart rate and cycling power . Revvo is designed to mimic riding on the road and realworld resistance in order to better help riders train for their challenges and accolades . Revvo is a compact training bike that interfaces with users via an iPad to provide them with up-to-date information and energy burn rates . www . revvo . co
Runteq combines a series of sensors to monitor and coach runners based on their form and gait , lowering injury rates and reducing joint stress . Runteq has developed ZOI , a personal running coach and personal assistant that give runners insight into how their form may need to change for optimal longevity . ZOI can collect data from smart shoes , watches , phones , ear buds , and more to gain a true understanding of a runner ’ s posture and help them make changes . www . runteq . com .
Loop Reality
Loop Reality incorporates virtual reality , gaming , fitness monitoring , and live exercise to create a truly immersive personal training experience . Loop
Reality has multiplayer options , a vast terrain selection , and users can accelerate their in-game progress by working harder . With all of the features packed into one platform , Loop Reality is seeking to become a leader in VR and IoT fitness monitoring and solutions . www . loopreality . com
Smart Gym
Smart Gym is integrating IoT devices into traditional gym equipment to remove the need for users to manually track their workouts . Smart Gym also monitors user progress and provides advice to help users break through plateaus or prevent them all together . Smart Gym gives realtime feedback , keeps track of every rep and set users have in their routine . www . smartgymapp . com
Huami designed a line of IoT-enabled , fitness devices to help users reduce the amount of equipment needed when going out to workout while also unobtrusively monitoring sleep patterns . Huami devices allow users to take phone calls , listen to music , and receive notifications without a phone . The Arc device can last up to 20 days on a single charge , while Equator is a sleek activity tracker that boasts the lightest weight of activity trackers on the market . https :// us . amazfit . com