WNiF Magazine - Spring 2018 Edition | Page 18

By Jen Dugard W NEW MUMS: SETTING FITNESS GOALS 18 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SPRING 2018 e all know its helpful to set goals with our clients, but when working with new mums is there more to consider? I think so, YES. As Fitness Professionals it is relatively common to talk in terms of aesthetic and weight loss goals, training and fitness goals. We talk to clients about how they want to look in a certain item of clothing (that perhaps doesn’t fit them anymore) how much weight they want to lose, how fast they want to run a certain distance and how heavy they want to lift. Each of these goals has its place but I feel when talking with new-mums it would be incredibly helpful to change the conversation a little. What many people don’t know (unless you are a new-mum yourself) is the huge amount of pressure many women are already putting on themselves. We also need to consider what they don’t know. When a new mum comes to work with me my first goal is to ensure she understands that to begin with our focus is on working from the inside-out. On the parts she cannot see and is sometimes not aware of (through seeing a women’s health physio). And setting expectations that are achievable and realistic right now; the rest can follow. So where do we start? I choose to start with a number of thoughts to frame the process rather than specific goals. And they look like this: WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SPRING 2018 1. Encourage your client to lok at her body. Aim to look at your body in terms of what it has ‘done’ and what it can now ‘do’ - start to make steps to rebuild her body in terms of functionality and strength. Nurture it through great food and the ‘looks’ will follow. 2. Encourage your client to reduce self criticism and lead by example - her children are influenced by her view of her body. 3. Encourage your client to really understand what she wants - if she wants to become stronger and fitter than she has ever been before, encourage her to believe she can do it BUT know it will take hard work, dedication and a little more time than initially thought but remind her she can get there and you will guide her safely and effectively. 4. Encourage your client to use this time to re-set her attitude. Many women experience restricted eating or excess exercise in their younger years. A lot of 19