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The Modern Art Of High Intensity Training
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Simulated Altitude Training ( SAT ) Course
The Modern Art Of High Intensity Training
A book on high intensity training should deliver an impact equal to the training itself . Lucky for you , this one does . The Modern Art of High Intensity Training is sport and strength , movement and passion .
It is a guide like no other . From the stunning artwork to the 127 workouts , it ’ s designed to be a difference maker . Use this resource as a supplement to an existing training program , or replace a program that has become tired and stale , you ’ ll view and use this book time and time again . This is high intensity training in an entirely new light . 40 exercises , each detailed and depicted with art , photos , and modifications ; 127 workouts and circuits to mix things up ; warm-up , safety , and injury prevention recommendations ; and - if you ’ re up to the challenge - an original 15-week program .
The Modern Art of High Intensity Training has everything you need in a workout program .
​Available in paperback , eBook ( PDF , ePUB ).
List Price : $ 28.95 www . humankinetics . com
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Simulated Altitude Training ( SAT ) Course
Hosted by the best course facilitators and content developers within the global fitness , health and sporting industry , the Fitness Science Australia Simulated Altitude Training ( SAT ) Course is cutting edge , used by elite sporting teams and athletes around the world . This is your opportunity to educate and up-skill in todays fastest growing training programs .
The foundation course in simulated altitude training ( SAT ) is designed for accredited fitness industry professionals and strength and conditioning coaches with an interest in the theoretical and practical application of simulated altitude training for their clients and athletes .
The foundations course includes an overview of the history of SAT , terminology , physiological adaptations to SAT in response to a variety of training conditions , client screening and assessment , SAT progression , integration and periodisation and workout structure and session planning .
1300 853 531 www . fitnessscience . com . au