WNiF Magazine - Spring 2017 Edition | Page 25

SELLING TIPS By SteveJensen TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS BOOM! S elling is the lifeblood of business and a good sales team will make a MASSIVE difference to the bottom line. Selling is a learnt skill that can be improved with constant practice. Here are six selling tips we use to make many businesses boom. 1. Find The Right People Constantly be on the look-out for people who have the potential to make good sales people, even if a position is not currently available. Happy, friendly, approachable people should top y our most-wanted list, because job skills can be taught but personality and attitude cannot. Other qualities include, honesty, hard worker, enthusiasm, and an ability to show initiative and be self-motivated. Knowing the person’s DISC behaviour type and combining that with establishing what each person’s values are, will allow you to know in advance whether the person will fit into your culture and your team. Values are what drives an individual. These qualities and traits are extremely important to know these days as it is very expensive to make the wrong choice because you were uninformed. The best way to establish what each person’s behaviours and values are is by having a full DISC Combo report completed, which we have been doing for companies WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SPRING 2017 for many years. If you’d like more information about having one done for you or your team please call our office on 02 9994 8033. Your existing staff members are a good place to start looking for potential candidates, including job advertisements in the pay packets of your employees or displays in the staff room. The advantage of recruiting internally is that you don’t have to worry about whether they will fit into your club culture and way of doing business. 25