WNiF Magazine - Autumn 2019 Edition | Page 50

WHAT’S NEW IN FASHION & WEARABLES BEAST ECHT Engineered For The Modern Day Athlete ECHT is a lifestyle based brand, specialising the performance based apparel with a lifestyle based approach. Founded in 2014 by 2 cousins, Jeremy and Darren, ECHT has grown exponentially from bedroom, to one of the leaders in fitness clothing within Australia. The success of ECHT was founded from the values of Quality, Utility and Performance. Based in Melbourne, ECHT has now shipped to over 50 countries and to countless new and regular customers. WHAT’S NEW IN TECHNOLOGY ECHT - MEN’s LIFESTYLE SERIES The Lifestyle Series offers super soft fabrications that are both durable, functional and perfect for the active lifestyle. Offering a newly blended fabrication, these are an essential for any active closet. Sign up to our newsletter to receive 10% off your next order, plus go in the draw to win our monthly $100 voucher. FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING on all orders over AU$100. FREE SHIPPING on all orders within Australia. Insta: @echt_apparel www.echt.com.au PIXFORMANCE The Motion Sensor For The Gym Technology Meets Functional Beast Sensor is a set of state-of-the- art motion sensors, designed for the weight room​. The Pixformance station is a digital training device developed by experts in the fields of science, sport and fitness. The idea: State-of-the- art technology for a functional workout that is effective and fun. Beast is the solution on the market that enables tracking the greatest amount of exercises: the exercise list is fully customisable from the Beast Webportal. Being magnetic, Beast is compatible with a variety of different weights, machines and supports bodyweight exercises too. The Beast Sensor is a new wearable tech for both trainers and athletes that streams data about strength, power or speed for each lift on your smartphone or tablet in real-time in order to stimulate you giving the best on each training session. GYYMI accuracy, tempo and precision of an exercise’s execution and thus offers highly safe functional training – like with a personal trainer. Your really have never seen anything else like the range of products from PIXFORMANCE. Connecting Gyms With Qualified Trainers What is GYYMI? GYYMI is a unique fitness management system that connects trainers and their clients to flexible and affordable space through the fitness community. • GYYMI provides gyms with the ability to make extra income by offering available space to qualified triners. • GYYMI introduces gym managers to highly qualified professionals trainers & clients. • GYYMI is a powerful tool to help triners take control of their business, manage their clients and earn more anytime, anywhere. +49 (0)30 39 80 56 10 www.pixformance.com A camera integrated into the device captures 26 joint points, analyzes movement and provides personalized feedback in real time. The advantage: Real-time correction enables users to complete a supervised workout – without the presence of a trainer. This makes the training even more effective. The Pixformance station provides continuous guidance on the Price: US$459.00 (for up to 10 clients) www.thisisbeast.com Price: Free Download from the iTunes Store IAN FITZ ACCURO LYNK2 - Heart Rate Monitor LYNK2 is a heart rate fitness tracker that can be customised (Private Labeled) and integrated into group fitness applications and systems through an open device SDK. The LYNK2 features a versatile, modular, pocket-sized design that can be worn in different ways – on a wristband, in an armband, or in apparel. In addition to continuous heart rate monitoring with best-in-class Heart Rate Technology, the LYNK2 stores up to 30 hours of workout data, is 50 water resistant to 50 meters, utilises PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence), monitors your heart rate variability in real-time, automatically monitors sleep quality, uses open BLE and ANT+ HR transmission, includes a five color LED light to indicate current heart rate zone or PAI intensity zone, and utilises NFC for gym equipment connectivity. a favorite fitness app or want to find one to match your fitness needs, the LYNK2 works with many of the most popular apps on the market today, including the AccuroFit app.. List Price: US$79.00 www.accurofit.com VR Fitness: Thrill Of The Fight VR gaming is gaining momentum and the 2019 update of The Thrill of the Fight from Ian Fitz is a room- scale VR boxing game that even a serious exerciser can consider. Face off in the virtual ring where you’ll jab, dodge, and sweat your way to the top of the boxing world. Grab your gloves, step through the ropes, and become a champion.t. In addition, the LYNK2 has a one- button ‘Start/Stop’, vibration alerts, and up to 20-hours of continuous heart rate monitoring. Commercial licenses now available for use in gyms and fitness centres. With the LYNK2, the result is an easier and more efficient way to monitor your progress and intensity during workouts. Whether you already have www.fyian.com WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - AUTUMN 2019 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - AUTUMN 2019 51 •