WNiF Magazine - Autumn 2019 Edition | Page 42

WHAT’S NEW IN EDUCATION PUNCHFIT® Group Fitness Boxing Course WHY CHOOSE THIS COURSE? Punchfit® Group Fitness Boxing Course will teach you how to execute high intensity boxing workouts with minimal change over periods due to the Punch® Equipment Hybrid Gloves. These gloves eliminate the separate use of focus pads which will increase boxing and kickboxing workouts by up to 300%. This course is the next generation of group kickboxing for fitness. Designed by dual Thailand Certified Master Khru Bruce Townhill, the course teaches you how to deliver kickboxing and modified Muay Thai techniques more efficiently than ever before. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? • How to make a fist. AQUA WELLBEING • How to execute the 6 basic punches, punt kicks, push kicks, reaching and swinging knees, foot work and conditioning exeercises. Deep Water Essentials • How to warm up your class. • How to hold and use the hybrid glove. This educational clinic covers the theoretical science behind Deep water as well as experiencing 2 different prescriptive stimulating workout sessions. Course includes:- • How to correct technique. • • How to reduce injury risk. Review the hydrodynamic principles applicable to deep water immersion. • How to meet your duty of care requirements. • Review current evidence based research on deep water immersion training related to cross training benefits, cardiac & upper body implications and how VO2 max is applied. • Learn how to instruct deep water participants effectively by modifying working positions, workout levels and knowing when to provide options. WHO IS THE COURSE FOR? PT’s and instructors who want to broaden their skills in teaching mass classes on pads. Highly recommended for minimal skill level and maximum group fitness. This is a 6 hour course with 6 CEC’s. Course Cost: AU$249 0447 478 624 www.punchfit.com.au A UNIQUE RANGE OF CONDITIONING ERGOMETERS THAT ALLOWS THE USER TO TRAIN BOTH CARDIO AND STRENGTH ALL IN ONE 4 CEC’s with 4 & 1/2 days teaching. Course Cost: AU$249 0421 774 131 www.aquawellbeing.com WECK METHOD BOSU® Elite Online Instrcutor Training Taught by the inventor, David Weck, the BOSU® Elite Online Training Course is the essential guide on how to effectively and properly use the BOSU® Elite’s new high density dome and design features to achieve maximum results both athletically and aesthetically. This course provides the most important tips, new techniques, and new exercises to get the most out of your BOSU® Elite training and training in general! There are many ways you can use the BOSU® Elite, however this course teaches you the most effective exercises and introduces all new training concepts that will open your eyes to a whole new approach on training. [email protected] for a list of local distributors. Course Cost: US$150 www.weckmethod.com The BOSU® Elite online instructor course takes you through in-depth video tutorials, diving deep into key aspects of BOSU® Elite training, starting from its inception to its new design and features to individual exercises & client cueing. For Australian registrants, if you don’t already have a BOSU® Elite, email POWER TOWER 42 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - AUTUMN 2019 | POWER CLIMBER | POWER CYCLE | POWER BIONIC CYCLE | PADDLE ERGOMETER www.synergyfitness.com.au | p. +61 7 5549 1883