WNiF Magazine - Autumn 2019 Edition | Page 34

HOW TO: By Sean Greeley HIRE & DEVELOP QUALITY COACHES When going it alone won’t get you to your goals. N o-one really wants to build a team of fitness coaches (at first). But for many successful fitness professionals, circumstances force the issue. They hit a “time ceiling” where their hours are maxed out and they have no capacity to do more. And if you don’t do it, it doesn’t get done. So you end up burning the candle at both ends, trying to work IN the business and ON the business, keep clients happy while bringing in new ones … And something’s gotta give. (Usually, your time off, health, sanity, and relationships.) You want help, but the idea of hiring and building a team to grow the business beyond yourself … well, it’s exciting, but also scary and full of risk: 34 • • What if you your clients don’t want to train with anyone else but you? What if you can’t really afford to pay someone else (just when you’ve finally gotten to a place where you can consistently pay yourself a descent income)? • Where do you find good people (and how do you recruit, interview, hire, on- board and manage them once you’ve found them? • You take a chance when you hire people. But you take a bigger chance if you don’t. You can’t continue growing (and build a business that allows you to grow beyond trading time for money) That’s why the answer to these questions above becomes: How do you ‘make the leap’ and build the team who will “deliver the goods” at the same level as you? In a couple of words: SLOWLY and CAREFULLY … with as much planning and preparation ahead of time as possible. Here are five steps: Is it really possible to find team members who care about serving your clients as much as you do? All these questions express legitimate fears and risks. WITHOUT hiring a team to work with you. If you don’t grow, you’ll just grind away sacrificing bits of yourself and your time … until you can’t any longer. 1: Attract great candidates. Many fitness business owners use a scattershot approach and hope for the best. They let their own need for help push the process (e.g., they hire the person in front of them because they need someone right away). your social media and email list, your newsletter, and ask your clients for referrals. Outside of your network: Contact local colleges and universities, certification body job boards, and advertise and list with career sites, such Indeed, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Kijiji. 2: Capture. Too many fitness business owners look for immediate results, and pay a lot of attention to the first round of ads. But you want to commit to regularly reviewing your “captured” candidate information. The best people don’t always respond on Day 1. Are you checking every day for results - or just looking to get the process over with and “get back to work”? You’re better off using a system. 3: Inside your network: Use a career opportunities page on your website, There’s a temptation to rush the process, go with your gut, and hire someone who “just feels right.” WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - AUTUMN 2019 Interviewing & hiring. Don’t. The risks are too great. Hire slowly. Four (4) interviews are optimal to evaluate candidates: a quick screening, a group interview, a private interview, and a take- home project. This gives you many perspectives on someone’s talents and fit. WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - AUTUMN 2019 4: On boarding. Set up your new team members for success. Get clear on the knowledge, systems, and skills that must be trained for performance in the role. And invest early in professional development and map out a path to success within 30 days. 35