WNiF Magazine - Autumn 2019 Edition | Page 31

GYM By Craig Mac PROFILE: B oom! Am I here to train or what! Science Of Fitness (SOF) HQ in West End, Brisbane is a buzz and I wouldn’t have it any other way as I look to my fellow ‘PRIMAL’ class mates to help me through the next 45 minutes of what will undoubtedly challenge my mental and physical resilience. Love this class! Craig Mac takes a breathe to chat to SOF Director and Head Trainer Joe Agresta. CM: What influenced or inspired you to create your training space? CM: Take me through the journey for a new member? JA: My business partner Rory Maguire and I both grew up playing lots of different team sports. We both craved a team-training environment and mentality, which we felt was lacking at commercial gyms. We wanted a training environment iwhich people were genuinely excited to show up to. Rory and I always talked about replicating that addictive atmosphere at ‘pre- season camp’ before our classes; that (good) nervous feeling that people feed off to and get excited about. JA: Most of our new members come through our ‘Free Week Trial’ with unlimited gym and class access. When it comes to classes, for those who are keen on getting stronger and moving better, we recommend our Strength AND/OR our Core classes. For those who are keen on getting a sweat, we recommend a combination of our S&C and Conditioning classes. And for the crazy people who just want to leave feeling like they’ve poured a bucket over their head, we recommend our signature class - PRIMAL. Craig Mac: How would you best describe Science Of Fitness (SOF)? Joe Agresta: Our long-term goal is to build SOF into a health and fitness facility that can give our members the tools to fight and prevent chronic injury and disease. WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - AUTUMN 2019 CM: What type of training is more popular and why - personal training, group fitness or strength & conditioning? JA: Definitely our group classes. The environment is something else! Also, our group fitness trainer’s skillsets range from Level 1 S&C/Exercise Science graduate to a trainer with a Masters in Strength & Conditioning; our coaching standard represents our name, “Science of Fitness”. 31