WNiF Magazine - Autumn 2018 Edition | Page 51

Five questions with ...

Steve Jensen

Founder & Managing Director , Impact Training Corporation
Through a comprehensive program involving face-to-face and online workshops , training sessions , and coaching programs , Impact Training Corporation ( ITC ) have spent the past 30 years teaching sole traders , multi-site chains and franchises how to complete more sales , increase profits , save time and stress less , so they can create and sustain the lifestyle they desire .
ITC and Steve Jensen have spent over 30 years helping others achieve their potential . What major change / s have you experienced over the last 5-10 years , which have had an impact on successfully operating a fitness business today ?
Competition , marketing and lead generation strategies have evolved a lot in recent years . Fitness business operators have had to learn new skills , or find experts who can help them keep up with this constant evolution .
Having a solid digital footprint is also now essential ; this includes having a strategised website with a concise landing page , online payment options and streamlined auto responders .
Sales methodologies have also been adapted to cater to the ever-changing landscape , with savvy fitness professionals understanding they have just one chance to make the sale ; no more long , drawn out sales processes that involves tonnes of follow-up – these days , society expects instant gratification and immediate response to their queries , so your systems and processes need to accommodate this .
Today ’ s clients want to do business with experts . Therefore , the most successful way to close a sale is to inspire the prospect to buy . This requires highly developed communication skills that ensure sales staff understand how to establish genuine rapport .
Why is the tour a necessary part of the sales presentation ?
The tour has become a forgotten art ; it is rarely taught and in many cases never inspected . The tour can play a big role in successfully closing a sales because people buy experiences , and the tour – when done well – can give a prospective member a really WOW experience .
Many fitness businesses use trial classes and sessions in place of a tour , and this strategy can work well IF the skills of creating a memorable experience are used and what ’ s told during qualification is proven to be true during these sessions .
In smaller owner manager gyms and studios where multi-tasking is the order of the day , what 
 would you say are the keys to successful selling when sales is perhaps not their strength ?
It is critical that KPIs are introduced to all staff to ensure accountability and an understanding of the goals and budgets of the business . Spend time and money training your team from the beginning , and reinforce those skills with regular roleplays ; this type of sales culture will ensure you achieve a strong return on your investment .
Business is tough and I struggle to survive ! How can I be different and get the edge on my competitors ?
To avoid having to compete on price , you must identify a minimum of 5 unique selling points ( USPs ) about your business . These points are what you will then use to differentiate your business within the marketplace . You want to be recognised as the experts who do things differently , as this will help increase your leads and make it so much easier to inspire a close and make more sales .
How important is it that managers and the sales team ( if applicable ) know AND understand the numbers in their business – the budgets , targets , KPIs , etc ?
A business that boasts a culture of being KPI-savvy , is usually a healthy business that will achieve growth . KPIs are like a scorecard for businesses and individuals , and when everyone knows what those benchmarks are , the business will succeed and grow .
Knowing your budget and driving targets will ensure your team will be well informed about the outcomes required , and in turn , this will increase your sales . I ’ ve tested this strategy all over the world , and I can assure you , it works ! Best of all , it ’ s simple and it ’ s easy to implement . It ’ s call the Hawthorn Principle and it ’ s based around sharing your KPIs with your team , and having coaching strategies in place for when the KPIs aren ’ t being met .
Find out how you can make more sales , increase profits , stress less and reset your sales status quo , call Steve on 0411 212 200 or visit www . impact-training . net