WNiF Magazine - Autumn 2018 Edition | Page 49

WHAT’S NEW IN TRAINING AIDS REAXING AUSFIT TORSION BARS Fluiball - The Water Ball Torsion Bars Gone are the days of the “Pump Bar.” Whether you own a gym, operate a Boot Camp or are a PT, the AUSFIT Torsion Bar will soon be your ‘go to’ piece of training gear. Fluiball turns any exercise in a proper neuromuscular training. Water destabilises any workout and training sessions become fun and effective. With no assembly or disassembly required — there’s no wasting time changing weights, a max length 90cm and an innovative polymer coating resistant to RUST, SALT, SUN and CRACKING The AUSFIT Torsion Bar is perfect for both indoors and out. Offering 9 weight sizes starting at 4kg and increasing to 20kg the Torsion Bars versatility provides a tool for Strength Training, Stretching, Joint Mobility, Rehabilitation as well as a simulated weapon when training for Military employment. Fluiball is a soft touch and unbreakable medicine ball, with a variable quantity of non-toxic coloured water inside. It comes in different weights, from 1 to 12 kilos, according to the quantity of water inside. The instability and the unpredictability of the water make it a truly functional tool: dynamically unpredictable, flexible, wearable, soft, safe and space-saver. At the same time, its softness makes it unique: you can roll it, shake it, grab it, throw it or even squeeze it causing no harm to people or surfaces. Any type of training can be adjusted according to the user’s individual features, in line with his or her individual education program. Type, position and weight of the sphere, together with the speed in performing the exercise, determine the intensity of the training session. These proprioceptive balls are perfectly suitable for rehab phases as every movement can be strictly controlled in order to improve strength, balance and coordination skills. Available in the following diameters: 16, 26, 30, 55 and 65cm. www.reaxing.com List Price: AU$46 - $139 02 9922 2559  www.ausfittorsionbars.com.au VIDEO HERE ACUMOBILITY The Eclipse Roller The Eclipse Roller is the most innovative foam roller ever made! This is the first and only foam roller that also functions as a trigger point release tool and it is the only roller that contours to the angles of the body so you can get into every single nook and cranny. The Eclipse Roller has 5 Pressure Strips that provide both direct and variable pressure to multiple trigger points at the same time. The design allows you to control the exact amount of pressure on a muscle by either spreading the muscle over all 5 pressure strips, or by leaning into a specific strip. 1 x Direct Pressure Strip: Provides constant deep pressure to a trigger point. 2 x Variable Pressure Strips: Alternates pressure as you roll. 2 x Lateral Pressure Strips: Target muscles from an angle The Eclipse Roller is the only roller ever made with the option to advance levels. List Price: AU$70.00 www.acumobility.com WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - AUTUMN 2018 49