WNiF Magazine - Autumn 2018 Edition | Page 48

Measure What Really Matters So You Can Train Clients Smarter
The App Fitness Instructors Can ’ t Live Without
Industry Changing Smart Weight Devices
Measure What Really Matters So You Can Train Clients Smarter
The Skulpt Performance Training System gives you an in-depth body fat and muscle analysis to help you know what to work on to lose fat and improve strength - and be less prone to injury .
Skulpt Scanner :
• Measure overall body fat percentage quickly and accurately
• Measure local fat percentage in 24 different areas
• Identify relative strength of muscles and muscle quality of 24 muscle groups
Skulpt App :
• In-depth body fat and muscle analysis
• Workout guidance to burn fat and build muscle strength for overall improved physique
Quick , easy and 100 % unevasive , the Skulpt scanner is the perfect partner for all fitness professionals to provide clients with a complete body fat percentage and muscle analysis , not to mention the built in nutrition and workout plans .
List Price : AU $ 125 www . skulpt . me
The App Fitness Instructors Can ’ t Live Without
Developed by Australian Fitness Entrepreneur Deborah Goldberg , Subaclass helps instructors find suitable subs / cover for their classes .
This revolutionary app solves a common complaint among Gx instructors all over the world .
Features include a simple to use interface , class proximity , new class push notifications , map function for classes within 50-100km .
Subaclass can offer any fitness facility bespoke White-label Webapp / app that facilitates the process of managing staff and classes including reporting and reviews . Designed to be used worldwide , Subaclass is vailable iOS & Android .
Price : Free 0421 328 983
Industry Changing Smart Weight Devices
Make your Gym “ Smart ”, auto track member workouts , provide real time feedback , organise fitness challenges and provide detailed analytics - you won ’ t believe ths .
“ Smart Weight Pin ” allows you to auto-track member workouts on any selectorised weight machines .
The smart weigh pin is an International patent pending device , based on “ Internet of Things ” ( IoT ) technology . This transformational technology is attracting hundreds of billions of dollars in investments .
The technological and commercial development of the “ Smart Weight Pin ” is done by 4 PhD ’ s , who specialise Mechanical , Electrical Engineering and Computer Science . The product development and validation took more than two years and its journey is shown here .
How the smart weight pin works : Via the App , automatically track your sets , reps , effective weight , range , tempo , energy and calories spent , and max power ; all measured very accurately ‘ 40 times a second ’.
Now your weight room opens up to various applications in gaming , physical fitness , athletic strength and endurance .
Industry changing technology . www . smarthealthclubs . com