WNiF Magazine - Autumn 2018 Edition | Page 43

WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS EQIPMENT SPORTSART AKTIV SOLUTIONS G690 VERDE - An Industry First NuBell - Vanta Black Range VERDE™ is the industry’s first treadmill that is capable of harnessing human power and converting it to utility grade electricity. Not all Dumbbells are created equal. NuBells’ circular design evenly distributes the weight around your entire hand removing stress and tension on the wrist and or elbow. They are designed with human biomechanics in mind - ergonomically optimal. The sleek, non-motorised design combines supremely low friction and flat-slat belt to create an approachable unit that feels remarkably natural and comfortable. Utilising mechanical and electrical braking systems the VERDE™ allows walking, jogging, running, sprinting or sled pushing features that cater to a broad spectrum of users, from deconditioned to elite athletes and is capable of capturing up to 200 Watts/hour of energy. SprtsArt is avaialble exclusively in Australia from Novofit - enquire today. is a real difference in feel and that the circular balanced construction relieves the joint tendons and ligaments of the torque experienced when using traditional equipment. Slip the NuBells onto one of