WNiF Magazine - Autumn 2018 Edition | Page 36

WHAT’S NEW IN EDUCATION CLUBBERCISE NEW Training Course Dates Released For Instructor Training Clubbercise’s instructor training courses are launching in key locations across Australia due to a high demand for Clubbercise classes. What is Clubbercise? • • Clubbercise is a UK fitness phenomenon launched in 2014 and now available in Australia. Classes include a combination of dance, toning and combat moves taught with nightclub- IMPACT TRAINING style lighting and flashing LED glow sticks, making it a fun way to stay healthy and exercise. Marketing Made Simple • Over 2,000 instructors from gyms, health clubs and dance studios were trained within three years. • The instructor training course covers essential information that instructors will need to know prior to running their own class. Impact Training Corporation (ITC) provides In-House Sales and Communication, Consulting and Support programs. Tailored training sessions help reinforce existing skills whilst learning new and exciting techniques. Impact help you create a referral business, while making selling fun. Gold Coast - April 29th Sydney - May 20th Melbourne - June 3rd Marketing Made Simple: (Pro-Active Marketing Ideas for Sales People) Visit the website for all the location details and to secure your spot. List Price: AU$269 (early bird) www.clubbercise.com/australia VIDEO HERE • Learn how to plan your marketing strategies • Learn how to plan & create selling & closing strategies • Learn how to use a marketing brief & role register to maximise your marketing • Take back to your club, no-cost marketing ideas that work Impact teach you the techniques & skills so you can maximise the true income potential of your business. 02 9994 8033 www.impact-training.net NPE COACHING AUTO-CLOSER ® - The Fitness Industry’s #1 Sales System Can you 2X, 3X or even 4X your income in 90 days? Absolutely - with the right tools, resources, and direction. In fact, thousands of fitness professionals have dramatically increased their client base and sales, and changed their whole outlook on their business. client’s needs and ensure your business stays profitable as you grow. direction, you can: • Help more clients commit to their goals. • Charge what you’re worth. • Fill your schedule with clients you love working with. Learn a proven communication process for qualifying and consulting with prospective clients so they commit to their goals and enroll in your programs. Get yourself in the right mindset to be successful in selling. Improve your pricing and packaging to best align with a prospective List Price: $299 02 8074 3506 www.npecoaching.com With the right tools, resources, and 36 WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - AUTUMN 2018