WNiF Magazine - Autumn 2018 Edition | Page 29

By SteveJensen HOW TO INCREASE SALES - FAST I n a competitive marketplace we’re always looking for that golden bullet – the one thing that will increase sales. Is it more marketing? Improved advertising? Getting better positioning in the marketplace? Or is it achieved by diving into technology and creating a better website, sales funnels and auto responders? The basics of business include knowing your unique selling point, having a marketing plan, and maybe even having some great ideas. Business operators should also have a general idea of the marketing process, including a strong call to action (e.g. a price offer). These are the fundamentals for operators. What I will share with you is one proven strategy that WILL increase your sales when implemented correctly. The Hawthorn Principle I’ve tested this strategy all over the world, and with different types and sizes of health clubs and businesses, and I can assure you it works. Best of all, its simple and easy to implement. The Hawthorn Principle stipulates that you know and understand your KPIs and benchmarks thoroughly, measure them on a daily/weekly/monthly/ quarterly basis (depending on the KPIs themselves), share them amongst all team members, and have leadership strategies in place to coach people if KPIs are not being met. There’s a simple saying I often use: “inspect what you expect, or don’t’ expect it!” Most business operators claim to know this information, but the truth is they don’t! And even when data is measured, unfortunately most often the sales team doesn’t actually understand what it means. This is why, measuring KPIs and your numbers on a daily/weekly/monthly/ quarterly basis must be combined with leadership. to coach your team well, so they understand them too, and can do a better job if they are falling short. By implementing this system, I assure you, your sales WILL increase. SO WHAT DO YOU NEED TO MEASURE? Here is a breakdown of the numbers and percentages you should measure: - 1. Number of leads The total number of leads you receive via web, phone, SMS, Facebook etc. Break them up into categories such as offline (e.g. telephone queries or walk-ins) and online (e.g. messenger, Facebook, website, SMS). 2. Lead-to-sale percentage Once you know the number of leads you can calculate your lead-to-sale percentage by looking at how many leads you received versus how many sales you made. In other words, know what the numbers are telling you, and then be able WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - AUTUMN 2018 29