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WLM | home THIS MAN’S HOME Truly is His Castle By June Johnston Photography by Levi Hime and Garrett Fisher P icture a man on top of a mountain with a hundred mile view in any direction, in his very own castle that he built himself, and you’ll have a picture of Deon Heiner. Deon is husband, father of five, grandfather to nine, and a long-time business owner in beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming. Deon explains, “I’ve been interested in architecture since I was quite young. I lived in Canada for quite a few years and they had a lot of Castilian architecture there. It always fascinated me.” His own home is designed like the castles of old, inspired by German castles. “It has turrets on the corners and tunnels where we service all the square footage under there, like the old castles used to be.” © Garrett Fisher, garrettfisher.me Castles usually had stone on every inside wall. Deon’s castle uses a modern blend of stone, resourced from Brazil, Italy, Ecuador and Turkey, with a comfy interior that suits Deon and his family well. “All the white limestone, the big heavy balusters and handrails, came out of Jerusalem, from the same quarry as Solomon’s temple. It’s the first of that kind of stone to be shipped over here to America. It was kind of a learning experience to get it over here,” he adds with a smile. “The stone around the fireplace came out of North Dakota. It almost looks like petrified wood. It changes colors throughout the day.” www.wyolifestyle.com 9