WLM WLM Summer 2015 - Page 57

WLM | history 1926 John D. Rockefeller, Jr. tours the Teton area with Yellowstone Superintendent Horace Albright. He falls in love with the area and begins purchasing private land. In 1929, Grand Teton National Park is established, protecting the Teton Range and many lakes at the foot of the mountains. (National Park Service) 1931 Amelia Earhart visits the Medicine Bow Airport (Cruickshank family records, Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine Fall 2014) 1933 First Wyoming Female Governor Nellie Tayloe Ross (served 1925-27) is named the first female director of the U.S. Mint May 3, 1933 under President Roosevelt. She served five terms until her retirement in 1953. Ross established the Franklin Half Dollar, which was struck by the U.S. Mint from 1948-1963. (Wikipedia) 1940-1969 1940 A Parco (today Sinclair) man is tarred and feathered for refusing to salute the flag (Emmett Chisum Special Collections, Univ. of WY) 1942 First train of Japanese Americans arrives at Heart Mountain Camp, near Cody and Powell, August 11 (Sam Mihara, Mihara Assoc., Huntington Beach, CA) 1947-48 Univ. of WY Pres. Humphrey appoints several deans to a committee asked to “…read and examine text books in use in the field of social sciences, to determine if such books were subversive or un-American.” Faculty instantly were up in arms, designating a “group of 15” to address the board of trustees. The debate gained national attention, and the examination was abandoned in a way that appeared to satisfy both parties. William R. Coe of Cody suggested an American studies program at UW that would teach principles of Capitalism and anti-Communism. Upon his death in 1955, his will provided for the construction of an American Studies building and adjoining library if funds allowed – which became UW’s Coe Library. (Phil Roberts & WyoHistory.org) 1951 The WY Army National Guard 300th Armored Field Artillery Battalion Cowboy Cannoneers lands in Pusan (today Busan), South Korea on February 15. Firing 300,000 artillery rounds in 256 days of combat, they provided unrivaled fire support for the U.S. Army X Corps and 1st Marine Division. (Senator John Barrasso speech to Congress Sept. 27, 2010, from the Congressional Record) 1955 The Cody Uranium Bag Company advertises a bag of ore that one could put in their bed. “There is no wearing out of the strength of the rays given off from one. Lasts forever,” according to their advertisement. (Phil Roberts) 1960 Tracy McCracken, longtime Wyoming newspaperman and leader of the Wyoming Democratic delega ѥ