WLM WLM Summer 2015 - Page 55

WLM | history WYOMING HISTORY You Didn’t Learn in School J uly 10, 2015 marks 125 years of Wyoming Statehood! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we decided to split up our coverage over the remaining issues of the year. When we were debating what to cover, especially with the momentous day passing in this issue, we were at a loss … not because we couldn’t find anything, but because there is so MUCH to cover! How on earth do you even begin to condense 125 years of history into a series of features, let alone one!? So to begin with, we decided to take a little different approach … to look at nuggets of historical information from Wyoming’s rich past. However, we thought listing all those things that many of us already know – the first National Monument (Devils Tower, 1906), the hanging of Tom Horn (1903 in Cheyenne), the first woman to vote (Louisa Swain 1870 in Laramie) or the Johnson County War (1892) – may be a little expected as those to cover. Now please don’t write in to tell us that we didn’t think these things were important – that’s absolutely not what we’re saying – but we decided we wanted to hit some of those things that people may not know…those things that make people say ‘Huh, no kidding!’ Hence – a rather off-the-beaten-path look at Wyoming history… I want to thank all the fine folks who helped us pull this list together, especially James Fuller of Discovering History & Heritage, LLC of Cheyenne, a very fascinating business that makes my history- loving entrepreneurial brain buzz! James was kind (and patient) enough to interrupt his time at the Wyoming State Historical Society’s conference to help me Google, brainstorm and collaborate this list. If researching history is a need of yours, you must contact James! Thank you also to author Kim Viner, Mary Mountain of the Laramie Plains Museum, Tamsen Hert of UW’s Emmett Chisum Special Collections and Dicksie May of Albany County Wyoming Ranch Histories, who are always treasure troves of information. I say this often, but Phil Roberts of the University of Wyoming is a walking Wyoming history book – thank you to him for his amazing website, where I gathered much information – it is included in the resources box in this feature along with the other gems of information! Thank you to the many who aid us in our historical research! www.wyolifestyle.com 55