WLM WLM Summer 2015 - Page 49

WLM: What is your favorite place/subject to photograph? DO: Since my favorite subject is landscape photography, my favorite place to photograph is Vedauwoo. (Granted, that might change if I ever make it to Yellowstone or the Tetons.) One day, last summer, I went up for a drive after work. I went the back way on Happy Jack and ran into a pretty good thunderstorm. I thought my afternoon was going to be shot, but then it cleared up and Oh My Goodness! The smell after rain is probably one of God’s greatest gifts! The air was fresh with cedar and pine and the occasional whiff of a campfire. I found this old, crooked tree (I have a thing for trees, too) and the way it looked in the misty light just spoke to me. I have that photo framed on my living room wall. www.wyolifestyle.com 49