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WLM | people A graduate of Casper’s Kelly Walsh High School, Wetzel obtained a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University, with an intent to pursue veterinary medicine. Propelled by the Navy legacy of his father and grandfather, Wetzel entered the Marine Corps in 1994. His grandfather was one of the original four men to stand up the Navy’s Underwater © Renea Kerr wrong time. I needed to be born in the mid-1800’s. I should have been on the Lewis and Clark expedition, darn it!” What role did these early inspirations play in Wetzel’s future? “One could arguably say, early on, the Lone Ranger inspired me. Now at that time, did I ever have any aspirations or even think of myself as a police officer, let alone the Chief of Police? No. Not at all.” Demolition Teams during WWII – the UDTs were precursors to the Navy SEALS. Second Lieutenant Wetzel accelerated from Surface to Air Weapons Platoon Commander, Battery Executive Officer, to interim Battery Commanding Officer. In June of 1998, with a transfer from Yuma, Arizona, to the Select Marine Corps Reserve Company B, 4th Reconnaissance Battalion in Billings, Montana, promotion escalated to Reconnaissance Platoon Commander and Company Executive Officer. Returning to Wyoming in August of 1999, Wetzel joined the Casper Police Department while continuing THE HEART AND SOUL OF WYOMING wyoming ranchers, like the george family, grow america’s favorite protein: beef. and, they are the heart and soul of all that you love about wyoming’s western roots. meet wyoming ranchers at wybeef.com. heart mountain, near cody, wyoming 44 Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Summer 2015