WLM WLM Summer 2015 - Page 41

started with a Crown bottle,” Joe says. “People went nuts over it – so I expanded to include all sorts of things. They sell so quickly that I’m always having to restock!” WLM | shop The store is continuously growing and changing to meet the desires of its customers. A hearty selection of Wyoming, Laramie and University of Wyoming scrapbooks, die cuts, papers, custom made rubber stamps, hand stamped ribbon made by Manni and more are available to capture memories made in our square state. Ask about their wood discs for sale – made from slicing leftover Christmas trees – which make beautiful wreaths and crafts. And if you’re feeling adventurous, dig into their mystery bags and find a goodie you never knew you couldn’t live without! The unique variety, creative ideas and fun atmosphere bring people from all over the region, even areas with chain stores such as Cheyenne and Denver. “You just can’t get what we have here in a chain store,” Joe says. And just for those glassy-eyed husbands and boyfriends who follow a woman enthusiastically bursting into the store – a guys’ corner, complete with comfy chairs, reading material and a wood-burning stove for the winters. “We’ve heard men say, ‘I’ve been drug into a lot of scrapbooking stores, but none of them are like this,’” Manni laughs. Scrap Tree is not only a store – it’s a gathering for crafters in the community. Their weekly ‘club’ of crafters is currently full, but don’t let that stop you from expressing interest if you have a love of learning and creating! Manni is also available for questions and advice, and as previously stated, their store is always evolving and morphing to fit the needs of its customers. www.wyolifestyle.com 41