WLM WLM Summer 2015 - Page 38

WLM | generations and running cattle, the Horse Whisperer’s appeal to diverse audiences becomes a teaching tool involving boundaries, respect, and trust. This process of communicating and calming a wild horse becomes shared with people who rarely receive an opportunity to visit such a place or see such a demonstration. It is the passion of the Diamond Cross Ranch and Grant Golliher to help people understand and operate from a place of consistent and absolute value, revealing the reward of life’s healthy choices, based upon what is best and true and not based upon how one feels. Not only is Diamond Cross Ranch a unique corporate event destination – it’s also perfect for a beautiful Jackson Hole wedding, with incredible natural backdrops that lead to stunning photos and ambience. With exciting attractions throughout Jackson Hole, the event becomes a true experience for every guest. Events host at the Diamond Cross are tailored 100% to the needs of each bride & groom, or cooperate presentation. Events are facilitated by Kathi of Special Events Jackson Hole, whose attention to detail and care for her clients ensures a stressfree and memorable occasion. For audiences, the training of unstarted or troubled horses demonstrates the success of working with others when boundaries are consistent and precise. Grant’s presentation is to not only provide entertainment but to also provide people with an opportunity to evaluate relationships. Therefore, whether the interaction is with one’s children or in the arena of daily work, based on the principles Grant demonstrates, people confidently know what is said is what is meant, which leads to the safety of others as well. Grant says, “It is all about trust and communication with the horses, and how it applies to the lives of observers, their families, their work and all their relationships.” Housed in the beauty of the Tetons, on land handed down through Jane’s generations, the Diamond Cross Ranch welcomes visitors from throughout the world to share in the beauty and splendor of Jackson Hole. When joined with a Horse Whisperer experience, guests also leave with a greater understanding of personal interactions and tools they can carry into their lives. To learn more about Diamond Cross Ranch, Special Events Jackson Hole, the Horse Whisperer presentations and how you can create your experience, visit diamondcrossranch.com. W L M Grant and Jane’s strong faith is evident, and they believe God is able to redeem and turn around any life. They are happy to describe events in Z\