WLM WLM Summer 2015 - Page 33

WLM | health The decision to become a major player proved to be the right move for the company, and the people of Wyoming. Without WINhealth, whether on the exchange or offering coverage to employers throughout the state, there would be limited or no competition, and thus it is conceivable that premiums could soar with just one company offering plans. The verdict to participate was no small feat, in fact, it completely transformed the organization. WINhealth moved swiftly and boldly in an effort to prepare the company for a huge change. Essentially, an entirely new product offering was being added to their operations. Prior to the ACA, the company primarily focused on small and large group plan sales. The idea of purchasing health insurance through an exchange was largely foreign to American consumers, let alone health insurance companies. The efforts to prepare and educate the staff and current and potential members about plan offerings and this new process of purchasing health insurance was a daunting task. Nevertheless, WINhealth embarked on its journey by creating and offering a number of benefit plans aimed at individuals, in addition to groups. Network Expansion – WINhealth set out on a mission to expand their network of healthcare providers to provide improved access to care for their members. The result was a robust direct network that covered all of Wyoming and extended into Colorado, Nebraska, Montana, and Utah. WINhealth also contracts with First Choice of the Midwest in Wyoming for an even richer network, and Multiplan for a national network of providers. The result was 42 hospitals, 1,729 primary care physicians, and 4,395 specialists plus many more in WINhealth’s extended network, through First Choice of the Midwest and Multiplan. Rebranding – A new chapter meant a fresh look was in order. The typical healthcare blue was left behind, as was the word “Partners” at the end of their name. WINhealth didn’t aspire to blend in, they sought to stand out - a bright color palette, bold mark, and fresh messaging were in order. www.wyolifestyle.com 33