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WLM | arts The book focuses on western Wyoming, namely Evanston, as well as Utah communities, profiling prominent midwives, nurses, female physicians and healers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While the stories vary (we’ll explore that in a moment), the greater story behind it is common to the topic of women’s liberation in Wyoming. I personally believe that the resourcefulness and common sense of our Wyoming people led to the great deal of female ‘firsts’ that Wyoming holds. When your population is small, spread out from each other and lacking some of the resources more populated areas had in abundance, why on earth would you keep a woman from providing a needed duty, especially when she was well-suited to do so? It is with a great deal of pride that I am a female entrepreneur in the Great State of Wyoming. I’ve run into my share of gender based profiling and hassles, but for the most part I know that the work I do is not only supported, it is considered equal to men. Denice’s fascinating book is full of many stories of feminine caring, healing and heroism, as well as old fashioned recipes for home remedies (many of which contain ingredients Denice notes are unavailable, some even illegal today!). There were two excerpts I wanted to share from the book – which is full of gems just as wonderful as these … One of the most unique women healers was the wife of Arthur Hocker. Alice Florence Reynolds Hocker was born in Richmond, Kentucky in the 1850s. She met Dr. Hocker in Missouri when she was eighteen years old and they married in 1872 in New York City where he was serving his internship at Bellevue Hospital. In 1873, he crossed the Rockies en route to California but stopped off in Evanston, Wyoming to treat a sick girl. He was prevailed upon by the residents to set up his practice there. Alice followed him to Evanston that same year with their new baby, Robert. Seven children were born to the Hockers and she was kept busy caring for her family and comforting patients who arrived at her home. Dr. Hocker was hired as Superintendent of the Wyoming State Hospital for the Insane and was soon caring for both the physical and mental problems of his patients. STRIKING IT APPLIES TO THE LANDSCAPE AND THE FISHING Merc South Cons SoutheastMontana.com DISCOVER A THOUSAND MILES OF MONTANA’S BEST FISHING ALONG THE BIGHORN, YELLOWSTONE AND POWDER RIVERS www.wyolifestyle.com 29 Wyom Size: Color