WLM WLM Summer 2015 - Page 28

WLM | arts PIONEER Women By Kati Hime Cover image courtesy Denice Wheeler I t is always with enthusiasm that I pick up a Denice Wheeler book, as I know I will be learning something new when I am through. An Evanston resident, her book coauthored with Lila Bond – The Lonely Life – was featured in our Winter 2012-13 issue. A look into the life of sheepherders (particularly Basque and their heritage) was fascinating. A recent trip that took our family through Kemmerer on the way to Star Valley afforded us the opportunity to see several sheepherders at work. The nuggets of information retained from the book made for some interesting conversation! That’s when you know a book is truly good – it stays with you. In one of my many lives I am a diagnostic medical sonographer and vascular technologist. I’ve worked in hospitals, surgical centers and currently in outpatient clinics, and feel very blessed to be able to work with Wyoming patients around our work with WLM. I’ve worked with men and women in my field, and honestly I’ve worked with more male physicians than female, particularly in the field of radiology. So it was with a great deal of interest that I dove into Denice’s book, Pioneer Women Midwives, Doctors and Healers when it arrived in my mailbox. Denice has a special pull to the topic – her mother was nursed back to health by a midwife shortly after Denice was born, when the family had been told to prepare for the worst. The story of Denice’s mother’s miraculous recovery was the buzz of the small Utah town she was born in, and led to a lifetime of fascination in the art of healing for Denice. 28 Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine | Summer 2015