WLM WLM Summer 2015 - Page 12

WLM | home ‘Me too! I’m looking forward to it - I love snow.’ Later he found out that I was the owner of the house and he apologized to me.” Owning a construction company with Deon’s level of expertise certainly had its advantages when it came to building the home. His company that he owns with his brother, Continental Construction Company, creates “timeless structures that we design and build … landmarks … structures that will stand the test of time,” Deon reports. This castle, however, was a special project for him. “There was one man that wanted {us to build a castle} but the height limit in his area was 35 feet,” Deon explains. “You can’t build a castle and keep it under a hundred feet.” The first question our editor, Kati Hime, had, and many readers may share – who cleans this castle? The answer – Deon’s wife of almost 40 years, Cheryl, a Canadian native who raised their five children (with two sets of twins!) in the castle with her husband who does it all with no housekeeping staff. “Our oldest was ten when we moved in,” Deon says. “I made three of the girls share a room so that they would learn to love each other. They still do – I’d say it worked!” The children grew up sledding down the mountain, snowmobiling, snowboarding and skiing. Now the couples’ nine grandchildren enjoy the castle, which includes nearly a mile of tunnels. Future plans for the home include completion of the moat that surrounds the house, and the addition of an indoor swimming pool. “We just add to it a bit at a time,” Deon says. I asked Cheryl if their children were treated any differently growing up because they lived in a castle; she replied that she didn’t think so. Curious friends visited, certainly, but “…we are just a normal family,” Cheryl adds. The family is also visited by the abundance of wildlife around the home. “We have moose that lay in the yard. They’ll chase us off! Cats, everything – cats are a lot more dangerous than bears. Bears are afraid of people around here,” Deon explains. An avid nature lover and hunter, Deon’s collection of trophies throughout the home include stunning animals from Labrador and Greenland, and the largest collection of mule deer trophies in the world. While Deon professes his trophies aren’t Cheryl’s favorite items in the home, Cheryl adds that she doesn’t mind – but that they aren’t in all the rooms of the home. Deon’s hobbies also include aviation, a popular Star Valley pastime, and a private air strip can be seen in the valley from the castle. Of course, one already has such a high, panoramic view of the area that it doesn’t take much imagination to picture the view from an airplane. The tallest turret, with 360 degree views, makes you feel as if you’re sitting on top of the world. “Sitting up here in a thunderstorm is an incredible experience,” Deon says. “It’s something to be able to look down on the lightni